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KENWOOD Blp011 Blend-X Mini Blender, Grind and Chop
RM 359.00 RM 449.00
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KENWOOD Triblade HDP406WH Hand Blender
RM 999.00
Harvey Norman
The new range of Triblade hand blenders are faster, stronger and even easier to use than ever before. Performance improvements and brand new attachments will help you blend, mash and chop your way to the perfect meal, quickly and effortlessly.Key FeaturesOur unique Triblade system is a truly innovative design that combines 3 elements to give you unrivalled performance: angled blades blend more of your food in less time, specially designed ribs reduce suction and the unique foot shape stops splashing, keeping you and your kitchen clean.An improved motor makes the new range of Triblade 14% more powerful than ever before and able to handle 20% heavier loads – right down to the toughest foods such as frozen fruit and root vegetables. Smoother speed control gives you complete power over your food. Simply slide the easy to use dial from minimum to maximum speed and blend your food to the perfect consistency every time with no mistakes.The HDP406WH Triblade hand blender comes complete with soup XL, plastic masher, metal balloon whisk, 0.5 litre chopper and 0.75 litre beaker attachments and features a metal wand and variable speed control. 
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KENWOOD Triblade Hdp406Wh Hand Blender (White)
RM 409.00 RM 499.00
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KENWOOD BLP011 Blend-X Mini Blender Grind and Chop
RM 379.60
Kenwood BLP011 Blend-X Mini Blender Grind and Chop
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KENWOOD Kendwood Triblade HB680 Hand Blender
RM 129.00
Harvey Norman
With the Kenwood Triblade HB680 Blender you can mix ingredients efficiently with power and control, a must have tool for any active kitchen.Key Features The easy hold blender sports a simple one touch design – blitz your ingredients up at the touch of a button. The turbo speed provides further power for those tougher ingredients.The 450 watts of power and durable triple blade design chop and blend your ingredients thoroughly for an efficient and effortless mix.The Kenwood Triblade HB680 Blender has a smooth grip for comfortable, strain-free and easy blending.
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*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

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