Famous for its highly innovative photo filters, teleconverters and others, Kenko encourages you to unleash your creativity and passion like never before. Read more about Kenko Malaysia below to find out.

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Kenko Malaysia How to Achieve Incredible Effect Creatively with Kenko Filters

Aside from camera lenses and cameras, there are other great tools which can play the decisive role in affecting the outcome of your photos and videos dramatically. Needless to say, a lot of people often the underestimate the power and potential of photo filters in getting your desired quality. More often than not, the photo filters are still very important as they can help to achieve your creative vision without much trouble at all. Most importantly, your photo filter can be your crucial assets once you know how to use it. Hence, here is a simple guide for you to learn to achieve incredible effect creatively with Kenko filters.

Many Shapes & Shades of Kenko Filters

Thankfully, Kenko boasts an impressive array of photo filters that enable you to get your effect without thinking too hard or long. Moreover, its photo filters have been cited as one of the most amazing assets that a photographer or videographer can get. Besides, they have been specially designed to encourage you to take lovely pictures and shoot terrific videos in your own creative ways. In order to know how to achieve incredible effects creative with its photo filters, it will be helpful to look at some of them so that you can take advantage of their qualities in your own quest of unleashing your creative talents without any reservations.

Kenko Zeta EX Circular PL

Dubbed as the world's thinnest and lightest circular polarizer in the market, this Kenko photo filter is all about helping you to reach the greatest effect of eliminating the nasty glare especially when you use it at a 30-40 degree angle to a reflective surface. For example, the reflective surface is usually glass or water. It is important to note that this Kenko photo filter will give the least effect as you use it at midday when the sun is directly overhead. Furthermore, you should remember to adjust the polarizing filter before proceeding to adjust the exposure control. Amazingly, the effects are visible whenever you rotate the filter and look through your camera's viewfinder.

The Kenko Zeta EX Circular PL offers you an amazing trick for you to deepen the color of the blue sky and make the clouds jump at you. All you need to do is to hold your camera at a right angle to the sun and snap the photo when the sun is about 30-40 degree angle in the sky. When you have problems of bluish scenery when photographing distant subjects, this Kenko photo filter is the right tool that you can use to reduce the softness which is said to be caused by atmospheric haze. In conclusion, this Kenko Zeta EX Circular Zeta EX Circular PL is your answer to an awesome shootout.

Kenko REALPRO Protector

Aside from providing superior protection to your precious lens from the evils of dust, damage or scratches, there are other practical reasons that will convince you to utilize this Kenko REALPRO protector to enhance your photos. One of the best things in using this Kenko photo filter is that it is truly a solid filter which can be easy to remove and attach. Not only that, it is also easy to clean as well. Impressively, the Kenko REALPRO protector has been favored by most professional photographers and videographers alike because it does not produce any negative effect on the image quality.

If you are aiming for a clearer and sharper image quality, this Kenko product is definitely recommended to ensure that your photos or videos look flawless. This is because you can aim for the "clean" style and quality with the Kenko REALPRO protector. Moreover, such clean quality means that your photos or videos will not be that grainy that you have to spend a lot of time and effort into editing them. Besides, the Kenko REALPRO protector is a true champion since it also absorbs light since it is more sensitive to light while eliminating the unwanted reflection in the same process. Indeed, it works well to minimize reflection inside the frame. Hence, go for the Kenko REALPRO protector if you prefer a cleaner quality.

Kenko PRO1D R72

Known as the world's most popular infrared (IR) filter,this impressive Kenko product works by cutting off visible light and allow infrared light to pass. Basically, it enables you to create infrared effects which are said to be different from you see. Incredibly, this can be done effortlessly by using the infrared light range of your own digital camera. In other words, the Kenko PRO1D R72 IR filter is what you really need when you aspire to do your IR photography or cinematography.

Widely known for being unique, surreal and specific at the same time, the IR style definitely exudes another aspect of style and quality that many do not expect. With our own eyes, we are unable to view infrared physically because it is a spectrum of light which exists beyond the boundaries of our human sight. Despite this, you have cameras that are able to capture it without much hassle. In fact, using the right gear and technique can produce some of the stunning shots in the history of photography. Natural and eye-catching at the same time, the IR effect expresses the out-of-world vibe that is believable as well. Therefore, you should get Kenko PRO1D R72 IR filter for your exciting IR photography.

More Inspirations to Come

Aside from the above-mentioned Kenko products, there are actually more Kenko products that you can use to realize your creative vision without any reservation. It is important to get the right product that can help you to achieve your desired outcome. This is why you should check Kenko camera filters for more innovative Kenko products that can solve your problems while removing any limit or problem to your creative goals.