Muslimah fashion is taking the world by storm with Kekaboo Malaysia! Specializing in hijabs and fragrances, the brand portrays true Muslimah beauty. Check out the hottest items from Kekaboo or read more about how to choose your hijabs below.

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Kekaboo Malaysia - How to Choose the Perfect Hijab

An icon of femininity, grace, and modesty, a hijab is every Muslim girl's go-to garment whether it's for school, work, or just about any other activity outdoors. A hijab is a veil or a headscarf that covers the neck, head, hair, and often face that denotes their dedication to their faith. While often misunderstood, hijabs are a beautiful part of Muslim culture that many women fully embrace.

Providing you with top-quality products for Muslim women, Kekaboo has a myriad of hijabs and even fragrances that would go well with your outfit. To help you choose which hijab would suit you best, below are some tips that would teach you how to choose the perfect hijab based on your skin color and differentiate different fabrics used on it.

Your Skin Color

While beauty is surely not determined by skin color, it pays to know what suits your skin tone to match your hijab. This way, you would be able to highlight the best features of your face and show off your Muslimah beauty. When talking about skin tone, you can't exactly classify it into types because of our unique set of undertones. However, you may identify as light, medium, and dark. Here are some helpful tips that would help you choose the right Kekaboo hijab for your skin tone:

Light Skin Tone

For any girl with a light skin tone, a solid-colored hijab would look perfect on you. While black and whites are solid colors, black can oftentimes be a little bit too harsh and contrasting. The colors that you would want to avoid are beiges, taupes, and camels which don't do anything to your features. Light skin comes with either yellow or pink undertone. If you have light skin with yellow undertones, bright colors such as green and red would look amazing while pink undertones could pull off looks in pastel hijabs.

Medium Skin Tone

For medium skin tones, what you need are nude colors such as beige, ivory, sand, camel, and olive green. These colors bring out the hue of your skin and add warmth to your face - forget about applying bronzer if you have a beige hijab! If you want, however, to sport bold colors, you can select jewel-toned hijabs such as emerald, cobalt, ruby red, and even bright pink. If you can, steer clear from pastels since it washes out your already-bronzey look.

Dark Skin Tone

Perhaps the most versatile of skin tones, women with dark skin have it lucky. This skin tone can wear any color of hijab because colors virtually blend into your skin tone. Whether it's bright, muted, jewel, satin, or even patterns, darker skin tones can rock any hijab look they wish.

Hijab Fabric

Aside from your skin color, fabric is also important when it comes to choosing a hijab. Fabric provides texture, adds volume, and drama to your hijab look. There are a variety of fabrics that many Muslim brands such as Kekaboo use to create their collections. Here are amongst the most common hijab fabric that you can find in Malaysia:


Satin is a luxurious fabric characterized by its glossy surface. If you are going to an event, you can never go wrong with wearing a satin hijab along with a brooch or a bold necklace. For those who are new to wearing satin, it's great to start your journey by owning a few dark colors then moving up to lighter ones.


Draping your hijab is the best way to add style and volume to your look. If you love to do that, then chiffon would be an excellent choice. Chiffon is lightweight, a little bit sheer, and air-y which makes it a preferred type of fabric for draping. Because of its almost translucent weave, it is advisable that you wear undercaps when wearing chiffon hijabs.


Made from either 100% cotton with a mix of linen and polyester, voile is a type of fabric described with lightweight, airy, and absorbs sweat well. Voile, like chiffon, is also ideal for draping but is less heavy and more versatile. The drawback about voile hijabs is that they can snag and tear easily.


Like the stretchable material used on T-shirts, jersey fabric on hijabs absorbs sweat well and would do well in warmer climates. However, jersey tends to be heavier than chiffon or voile and has the tendency to cling to your face.


Knit is a thick and textured type of fabric that uses intricate thread patterns to create a fabric. Because of its texture and thickness, knit is ideal if you are living in colder regions but can be detrimental if you are living in tropical countries like Malaysia.


Considered as one of the most affordable hijab fabrics, viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric that's great for styling because of its lightweight feel. It allows you to add volume to your look but can be a little bit hot and stuffy.

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