If you want to cool down the air in your home, then look no further KDK. With a wide selection of fans to choose from, beat the heat and stay cool with KDK Malaysia fans. Read on to find out more about KDK Malaysia and the range of fans that it provides.


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KDK Malaysia – Keeping You Cool All Year Long

Living in Malaysia means that we are always exposed to hot and humid weather all year long. Hence, cooling down is the utmost priority to prevent excessive sweating. Amongst the best ways to stay fresh and cool during this hot weather is through proper ventilation. This is where KDK Malaysia comes into the picture. Originating from Japan, KDK offers a wide range of electric fans and small home appliances that would help circulate fresh air in your home or in your office. From ceiling fans to wall fans to air dehumidifiers, you can find only the best from KDK Malaysia.

Why you should have KDK Fans in your Home

There are many reasons why KDK should be your brand of choice when it comes to the fans you should have at home.

Wealth of Experience

To date, KDK has more than 100 years’ worth of experience in manufacturing fans, providing reliable and high-quality fans to generations of customers. For a company to last this long is not an easy feat; its long history proves that it has gained an undeniable reputation that has only grown stronger over the years.

Moreover, the brand is a subsidiary of leading home appliances manufacturer, Panasonic. Being part of one of the largest and most renowned home electronics company means that KDK is a brand you can depend on for the quality of its products is assured.

Wide Array of Products

From standing fans to wall-mounted fans, KDK offers a wide selection of fans for you to equip your property with. Not only does it have a wide range of products, KDK also ensures that its products are equipped with the appropriate safety features and cutting-edge ventilation technologies that have been improved and refined as time passed.

Affordable Prices

Another reason that has enabled KDK Malaysia to become popular amongst Malaysians is that its products are sold at affordable prices. Thanks to the affordable fans manufactured by KDK Malaysia, you will be able to enjoy instant fresh and cooling air without spending excessive amounts of money.

Different Ways to Cool Down with Products from KDK Malaysia

The best thing about KDK is that it answers all your cooling and ventilation problems with its great range of products to choose from. KDK ensures high-quality, and cutting-edge fans to ensure a fresh and cool environment for you and your family. From table fans to ceiling fans, you can trust only KDK Malaysia.

Table fans

Like its moniker, table fans produced by KDK are ideal for small spaces because of its compact design. It is also easy to move and transport, making it perfect for travelling. If you are looking for a table fan, KDK has the KB-304 12-inch oscillating table fan that would match your study table.

Stand fans

KDK Malaysia’s stand fans come in full automatic oscillation with clutch control and is powerful enough to provide a cooling breeze to any room regardless of the size of the space. If you are looking for a fan for large rooms, then a stand fan like the KDK KX405 16-inch stand fan would certainly provide fresh and cool air to your home.

Wall-mount fans

Another type of fan that you can get from KDK is window fans. What makes window fans great is that they can keep hot air out and cool air in. In addition, it takes less space compared to stand or table fans as it can be mounted on the wall. If you want to install at home, a unit you should consider is the KU453 model from KDK.

Tower fans

If you want inexpensive yet high-tech cooling systems, then a tower fan is the type of fan you are looking for. Tower fans can save more space and are less likely to tip than traditional stand or table fans. What makes tower fans extra special is that it gives extra cooling power with integrated systems including ice and water compartments to give that mini air-conditioning feel which you can control. On top of that, tower fans are quiet and subtle, making it a great cooling system.

Ceiling fans

Perhaps one of the most common ways of circulating fresh air, ceiling fans are a great option, especially the KDK K15Y2-CO 60-inch V Touch 5. With its subtle design, you can fit it with any of your home decors and save up on cooling and air conditioning. On top of that, you can also save up on space since it is attached to your ceiling without having to worry about falling or damage.

You can browse through KDK’s products available above or widen your options with different electric fans from different brands including Elba, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic!