Kawasaki badminton are all the craze these days with the badminton fever. Want to know what makes them so great? Read here on the incredible technology put into these amazing badminton gear.


Kawasaki Badminton Racket Technology You Need to Know Of

You may think of Kawasaki as a motorcycle brand. But in the world of sports, Kawasaki is the biggest badminton player. Kawasaki badminton racket technology is ultimately the biggest and most advanced racket innovation in Malaysia. Along with it may come a rather large price tag, but well worth it. Kawasaki badminton rackets make the ideal choice for everyday tournaments. One a whole, they are lightweight, agile, but amazingly sturdy to handle any type of game.

In order to choose a Kawasaki racket, you need to know the awesome technology that goes into each model. Here are some elements of advanced innovation incorporated into each Kawasaki badminton racket.

Brilliant Frame as A Base

Everyone who has played badminton knows the importance of a good racket frame. A frame has to be lightweight, somewhat flexible to handle pressure from each hit, and manoeuvrable enough to be used at any angle. Kawasaki has a few frame innovations that aid with each type of playing style. Among the best are:

  • Airfoil – Rounded, smooth structure that efficiently reduces wind-breaking and improves swing speed.
  • Hexagonial – A cross-sectional view shows a hexagon-shaped titanium frame that is perfect for fast swinging.
  • Box – A square-shaped cross section that fits around the netting gives a hollow frame. The hollow frame further lightens the weight, but reduces strength in each serve.
  • Pyramid – One of the more common shapes of Kawasaki rackets. Combining aerodynamics with a material that can take any impact, the pyramid frame is perfect for fast-paced games.
  • 3-in-1 – This frame is made up of 3 layers of alloy, each overlapping one another. The combination of box frame, trapezia, and airfoil frames inside the overall frame makes the racket incredibly strong. The downside is the added weight with each layer.

These are just some of the elements of technology that go into the frame of the racket. There’s more innovations hidden in the materials used for each racket type.

The Magic in the Materials

We all know that the type of materials used for each racket contribute to the energy output and speed of each swing. But what we may not know is how much innovation goes into the racket build. The secret to Kawasaki rackets being so versatile are these elements used in the making of each model:

XENECORE Technology

The "XENECORE" patented technology is the latest development in technology for racket manufacturing. The mixing of "water" (fluid metal) and "HONEY-COMB-CELL" material allows for expanding and flexing under high temperatures to meld the rackets, giving an easier control to the player.

NANO Technology

Enter the world of the future with nanotechnology. Integrating nanotechnology in the resin of the frame allows the fine particles to penetrate through the gaps of the carbon. This creates an even finish and strengthens the intensity of the racket’s structure.

Nickel Technology

One of the lighter materials incorporated into the structure of the rackets is nickel. A nitinol weave technology is used to wrap around the frame, adding protection and increasing the racket’s lifespan.

Hotmelt Technology

Synthetic carbon resin is fused into the racket using a something called carbon yarn. This fusion is done with a process called Hotmelt. Hotmelt technology makes the surface of the racket smooth and polished.

All these technology help Kawasaki badminton rackets to rise above the competition in Malaysia. Don’t compromise on quality. Be at the top of your game with Kawasaki rackets.

The Whole Package for A Great Game

Now that you know about the technology that goes into each racket, you want to get on with your game. Go ahead and get all the best gear for a good game with Kawasaki shuttlecocks, shoes, clothing, and sports bags.