Before the start of any adventure, you need to get the right gear. Let Karrimor give you the best in outdoor sports and adventure gear today. Here are some ways Karrimor Malaysia can enrich your outdoor lifestyle.

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Everything You Need to Know About Karrimor As an Adventure Brand

Life is an adventure. For those who choose to go down the path of the rugged life outdoors and intense activity, wearing the typical shirt and jeans would prove extremely uncomfortable and often times restricting. Activities that entail long outdoor exposure or intensive movement require special types of clothing and accessories. Karrimor is a brand that caters to those who love the wild outdoors – those with a passion for adventure.

Karrimor Malaysia not only provides outdoor clothing and accessories, but also equipment, giving its users a one-stop-shop experience for their extreme outdoor adventure needs. Here are some ways the brand is Malaysia’s preferred choice of adventure gear.

Long-standing Experience

Over the years, Karrimor has not only created innovation products but also perfected its creations with the development of technology making them apt for the beginners to experienced explorers. You could say that the brand was invented by outdoor rangers for those who seek adventure. In addition to that, Karrimor has always been a favourite among the skilful and world recognized mountaineers for their outstanding quality.

Team Work

Karrimor has a strong team that supports and provides input in every step and process of Karrimor production house. Even the ambassadors of Karrimor, James Cracknell and Helen Skelton (both are avid adventure seekers) have contributed in designing Karrimor collections and even went to the extent of testing the designs in extreme conditions during exploration.

Highly Durable

Karrimor strives to provide the best experience for its customers. With more than 60 years of experience and modern technology, Karrimor has managed to gain trust and build a strong bond with the adventure seekers out there through outdoor clothing and equipment that are of superior quality.

Karrimor’s Wide Selection of Products

Running needs dedication, a focused mind, and Karrimor. Why? Karrimor running range of clothing, shoes and accessories keep you comfortable while running. This is turn helps you achieve a better performance in addition to keeping you warm, safe and increase your visibility to others.

  • Men's Running Footwear
  • Men's Running Clothing
  • Women's Running Footwear
  • Women's Running Clothing
  • Kids Running Shoes
  • Running Accessories

Nothing can be more important than proper equipment when you go camping. Enjoy the pleasure of waking up to a beautiful nature with the best and efficient camping equipment and accessories that you can trust on. With a wide selection of camping range, you can now put all your worries aside and have the best camping experience ever.

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  • Sleeping Bags and Mats
  • Cooking
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Karrimor’s journey began with rucksacks and it became a world-renowned brand with its first ever mountaineering backpack back in the 190’s – Haston Alpiniste. Since then, Karrimor is always been recognized as a brand that explores every possibility to deliver the best and innovative rucksacks and backpacks for more than 40 years. For those who feel the sky is the limit, this precisely engineered rucksack for your use in an extreme and unpredictable environment is your true company.

  • Airspace Rucksacks
  • Alpine Rucksacks
  • SF Rucksacks
  • Backpacking Rucksacks
  • Day Trekking Rucksacks
  • Lightweight Rucksacks
  • ReFuel Rucksacks
  • Travel Rucksacks
  • Urban Rucksacks

Seeking for a premium clothing collection that gives you a cutting-edge look? K100 Karrimor launched this season is an attempt to honour the Karrimor’s first weatherproof and flexible fabric known as ‘Ks-11e’. With sporty and rugged apparels such as parkas, bombers, and soft shell jackets, K100 Karrimor is a style that every man has always dreamt of.

The Story Behind Karrimor Malaysia

Karrimor was established in 1946 by Charles Parsons, Mary Parsons, and Grace Davies. They were the founders that brought Karrimor to what it is today from just a hand-sewn cotton-duck cycle pannier bags.

Karrimor was one of the very first companies to create radical outdoor equipment and clothing. Till date, Haston Alpinste which was created back in the 1970’s is still known as the most famous alpine rucksack ever. In addition to that, Karrimor’s innovative creation was proved once again in 1980’s with its first ever lightweight Karrimor sports boots.

Karrimor’s continuous effort and dedication in producing the best have made it a world-renowned brand that it is today. Besides the legendary rucksack, Karrimor offers all the equipment that you will need: from tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks to outdoor cooking equipment! You'll never go outdoors unprepared! It is the best brand that offers comfort, precision, and protection for that extremely challenging hurdle along the way.

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Lives begin at the end of your comfort zone and with that in mind, grab every opportunity to do something that you have never done before. Embark on an adventure be it hiking, camping or running with Karrimor because, at the end of the day, we only regret the chances that we didn’t take. You can also check out other great brands such as Adidas, ASICS, Deutar and more.