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Karcher Vacuum Cleaners — the only vacuum cleaner you need

Besides offering Karcher Home Improvement tools like pressure washer, Karcher also offers a range of powerful and versatile vacuum cleaners. As one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment Karcher Vacuum Cleaners are design for private households, commercial users and industry needs. Browse through the wide range of suction power above and find one that will suit your needs.

To ensure that Karcher Vacuum Cleaners will function and worth your money’s investment, Karcher also offers an extensive range of accessories for all its multi-purpose vacs. From the floor nozzle to the appropriate hose to allow you to specialised your vacuum’s filter systems. In this way, users can customise Karcher multi-purpose vacs to meet the specific requirements of the location in used and ensure outstanding cleanliness in all areas.

Place your trust in Karcher Vacuum Cleaners as your ultimate cleaning partner, it will be the only vacuum cleaner you need.

Our recommended Karcher Vacuum Cleaners

Karcher is a family-owned global leader in cleaning technology. Here’s a list of the best vacuum cleaners that we think will ease your Home & Living cleaning woes.

Karcher (WD 4) Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner - 20L
Suitable to use on both wet and dry surfaces, this powerful tool is the product of when energy efficiency meets high suction power. The WD 4 only operates on 1,000 watts, with a quick and easy filter changer, this machine is also easy and convenient to move about
Karcher Steam Cleaner SC1020
Steam Cleaning is said to be a better cleaning agent as it can help eliminate bacteria. Karcher Steam Cleaner is quick and convenient and useful in removing stubborn stains on hard floor surfaces. Spotless floors at your home is no longer a dream, with this chemical free machine, your home will be much safer and environmentally friendly.
Karcher WD 5 Premium Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 25L
This premium vacuum cleaner will fulfil industrial needs, outdoors and garden usage, even interior car cleaning, it will also be a handy renovation clean-up buddy. If you are looking for that extreme suction power to clean up, then this is the Karcher made for you

    Make a difference in your living space with Karcher Vacuum cleaners

    A comfortable living space needs timely cleaning and maintenance and with the help of Karcher Vacuum Cleaners, your chores to keep the living space clean and comfortable will be made easier. Shop for Karcher Vacuum Cleaners at iprice Malaysia now and make a difference in your living space with Karcher Vacuum Cleaners today.

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