Looking for the best line of athletic apparel in Malaysia? Check out Kappa’s story and scroll down below to get a peek on how to get your hands-on jerseys that surely will make your football buddies beam with jealousy!


Everything You Need to Know About Kappa as A Sports Brand

Among the names of sports brands in Malaysia, we have a variety of options to choose from. Even so, one brand stands tall above the rest – Kappa. You might be familiar with seeing sportsmen and women sporting Kappa jerseys from time to time. Kappa Sportswear combines sport with fashion and lifestyle together, with their wide range of jerseys that are not only comfortable but stylish as well! Let’s look at some of facts for you to know more about the brand.

Kappa Originated from Underwear

Kappa, one of the largest sports brands in the world, started in 1916 when the founder, Abramo Vital, created a manufacturing company that produced socks and underwear under the label Maglifico Calzificio Torinese (MCT). Due to the recession in 1969, there was a drastic drop in the textile demand, and it forced Abramo to diversify his production. The concept of casual wear was introduced and MCT management agreed with the concept. They soon began the production of outwear, and Kappa sportswear was born.

Today Kappa is a multi-sport brand that produces sportswear for adults and children, with a product range that includes jerseys, T-shirts, tracksuits, shoes, sports accessories, polos, shorts, socks, swimwear and much more. Kappa sportswear is also the global sponsor of international sports teams of various sports such as football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, F1, rally driving, ski sailing, golf, fencing and martial art teams, as well as many national sports federations.

Kappa is a Favourite Among Athletes

Kappa sportswear is favoured by various sports teams because of the distinct characteristics they possess such as being non-conformist, versatile, capable, coloured and the blending of influences of sport, fashion, lifestyle together. Kappa’s products portray the spontaneity and eccentricity with the original hints of Kappa’s classic sports legacy style. Currently, Kappa sportswear products are available in over 120 countries through major Kappa sportswear stores, online website and top department stores globally.

The Origins of Kappa’s Signature Logo

The earliest logo created for Kappa is the Omini logo, which was created in 1969 during a random photo shoot for another brand by MCT called Beatrix. The photographers realized that they had more than just a pretty picture on their hands during one of the Beatrix bathing suit shoots. It was a shot of a man and a woman, sitting back to back with both naked, and their outlines were traced by the backlighting. This image was soon turned into Kappa’s official logo and was named “Omini”. Today, the Omini logo is globally recognized as the brand’s symbol of high performance and unique style that honoured the individuality of those who wear Kappa garments.

Kappa Collaboration with World-Class Teams

Since it's brand inception, Kappa has been known for its futuristic product ranges, including the 1980 Omini logo stripe, 1984 metalizing Olympic suits, Olympic shoes designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, 1987 Hooded body suit, 1997 Gara Tech fabric Juventus shirt, 1998 all leather soccer shoe, and the iconic 2001 Kappa’s Tracksuits that has been re-released, accessible in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Support your favourite soccer team with jerseys from Kappa, an established 100-year-old sportswear brand.

In addition to that, in conjunction with the 2014’s FIFA World Cup Brazil, Kappa introduced a graphic tee collection, especially for fans and supporters of the soccer teams. The tees are made of Quick Dry polyester cotton, that is specially designed to allow the wearer to keep dry and cool while cheering for the teams with their friends. The genius combination of these elements for sportswear creates a line of clothing that athletes can’t get enough of.

Besides that, the t-shirts also feature contrast taping, coloured inserts for breathability, and shaped seam details for state of the art functionality and movement. This allows the wearers to keep dry and cool while cheering for the teams with their friends.