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Kangertech Malaysia: Your Preferred E-Cigarette

Blowing Off the Smoke Over What Kangertech Is

Based in China and most of the manufacturing is done there, Kangertech reigns and one of the most well-known and reliable electronic cigarettes in the world. Designing and producing a multitude of forms, function, and usage in their products make it a brand most preferred and liked by vape-lovers--experienced and beginners. Kangertech manufacturing promises industry-standard qualifications where they are CE, RoHS, and SGS certified, cGMP certified and they meet the international environmental management system ISO 14000 standards.

Kangertech believes in ensuring the future of electronic cigarettes and the culture of "vaping" to exceed the monotonous move of present society by getting more and more people off burning tobacco and on to a healthier and fun alternative.

Now, Kangertech products can be seen almost everywhere you and with the induction of a wide variety of flavors to choose from, you can be safely assured that your breath and your clothes would not smell of smoke. Hey, who does not like the smell of coffee, right?

Kangertech Tanks, Mods, and Starter Kits

The technology behind electronic cigarettes or vaping is that its a handheld battery-operated device that heats flavored liquid into a vapor that can also include nicotine, be inhaled, and then exhaled. These electronic cigarettes a varied in designs and functionality but all come in four basic parts; the battery, the atomizer, the liquid holder/tank, and the mouthpiece (known as a drip tip).

Alright, now that we have moved past the introduction of how electronic cigarettes/vaping work, let's get down to business with what Kangertech has to offer.

Kangertech mainly designs, manufactures, produces, and markets electronic cigarettes and parts and accessories for them. The accessories include clearomizers, mods, coils, batteries, and accessories. Kangertech also markets Starter Kits for beginners and also more advanced mods and accessories to suit their more acquired taste and preference.

We will start off with Kangertech's Starter Kits:

SuBox Mini

One Kangertech Starter Kit will contain all the necessary parts to make you vaping by the minute you get it all put together which are the KBOX Mini, Subtank Mini, OCC 0.5 Sub Ohm and OCC 1.5 Ohm for batteries, and the RBA coil. Other additional parts are the RBA Mini Plus Base, a manual, RBA desk screws and cover screws, and a Japanese cotton sheet.

A basic mod in a starter kit has a set of characteristics that are ideal for the newbie in electronic cigarettes. A SuBox Mini has a 510 Drip Tip made out of Delrin, an improved RBA to work in higher wattage, a new airflow design, the new KBOX Mini Output 50W to support 0.3 Ohm, and a Subtank Mini with aqueous ceramic coating. The

TOPBOX Mini Platinum

The TOPBOX Mini Kit is an upgraded version of the SuBox Mini. It features a higher wattage up to 75 wattage, aqueous cerami coated surface casing and it also supports temperature control function with Titanium/Ni-200/SS coils. The TOPBOX Mini Kit includes 4mL liquid capacity, mini RBA plus, adjustable airflow, spring-loaded, HD OLED Indicator Design, Short-circuit protection, and multiple safety protection.

A purchase of the TOPBOX Kit will include KBOX Mini TC Mod 75W, TOPTANK Mini 4mL, 0.15 ohm Ni200, 0.5 ohm SS coil, RBA Mini Plus, RBA Accessory Pack, Micro USB Cable, and a user manual.


The Kanger NEBOX boasts a maximum output of 60 wattage and temperature control. With a 10ml capacity tank hiding in the mod itself, the NEBOX is considered one of the most portable and ergonomically comfortable devices you can find in the market.

The NEBOX features also a TC mode that supports both Nickel and Titanium with a mode for each, the usage of Ni200, SSOCC, OCC, and included RBA, and it requires a 18650 flat-top battery.

Purchasing a NEBOX will get you:

  • 1 x NEBOX
  • 1 x SSOCC 0.15 ohm installed (nickel with stainless steel coating for Temp Control)
  • 1 x SSOCC 0.5 ohm (newly designed stainless steel OCC)
  • 1 x removable drip tip
  • RBA pre-built coil x 2
  • RBA Mini (juice holes on side as with Subox kit RBA)
  • Japanese cotton sheet
  • Authenticity code user guide
  • SSOCC caution card
  • User manual
  • Magic Blue Screwdriver
  • USB Cable
  • Battery stickers

Now, we get into a bit more detail with the tank and mods:

The Tank

The tank is the top (or sometimes hidden) part of an electronic cigarette that holds the liquid as the coils heat it up. Kangertech supplies a variety of subtanks that can either fit all mods or certain mods. As of now, Kangertech offers six types of tanks. They are:

  • Subtank-Mini
    • 22mm Stainless Steel
    • 22mm Black
    • 22mm White
    • 18.5 Stainless Steel
  • Protank-2
  • Protank-2 Mini
  • Aerotank MOW (EMOW)
  • E-vod
  • T2
  • T3S

The Mod

A mod is the main body of an electronic cigarette. It holds the coil, atomizer, battery, and the tank as a whole. Kangertech supplies 4 types of mods; the KBOX Mini Platinum MOD 60W, KBOX MOD 12W, KBOX MOD 200W, and the KBOX MOD 70W Black. With each mod, you are able to turn on/off your device, control the wattage, and for certain mods you can also control the temperature. Care for the mods is crucial in maintaining the output of power to ensure to exact amount of heat generated to produce the vapor.

Burning Tobacco vs. Simulated Smoke: A Kangertech Solution

Recently, there have been a number of disputes of familiarizing smoking burning tobacco and the simulated smoke/vapor. Frankly, the debate between cigarettes and vape devices reign as one of the hottest topics for the modern man. If you ask us, we would prefer vaping/e-cigarettes due to its health benefits--regardless how little. In comparison to cigarettes and tobacco smoking, many a dangerous chemicals react with us than those of electronic cigarettes.

If you are looking for a non-conforming way to slowly quit smoking, then vaping is the way. Kangertech provides the means for this and you can be rest assured that you will be preferring the sweet-smelling vapor to the ash-scents of cigarettes. Also, check out a video of a 3D-rendering of the inside of a Kangertech mod and also Kangertech's newest line, The Subtank Series!

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