Whether you want to go backpacking across different countries, hiking, camping or any outdoor activity, it is crucial that you carry the right backpack. Kaka Malaysia brings you the best and most affordable outdoor backpacks that would suit your active lifestyle. Check out the best outdoor bags and accessories from the brand or read more about how to choose the right outdoor backpack below.

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Different Types of Outdoor Bags from Kaka Malaysia

For any outdoor activity, whether it's hiking, camping, mountaineering, trekking, traveling or backpacking, a good backpack is crucial to your adventure. Choosing the right type of bag, the right volume, fit, and weight distribution would make your travels significantly more convenient. Kaka Malaysia has a great array of bags to choose from. To help you out, below are some tips on how to choose the right backpack for all your outdoor needs.

When choosing a backpack, the first thing that you should know about are different types of outdoor bags. Each bag can differ in design, fit, and features that would suit a corresponding activity/s. Below are different types of outdoor bags that you should know about.

Backpacking Packs

These are the type of bags that can carry large loads up to 30 to 50 pounds for multiple days with a range of 50 to 80 liters. These bags are mostly designed with an internal frame that acts as a suspension and can be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, this type of bag also comes in different set of compartments designed for different types of gear.

Ultralight Packs

Made for experienced hikers that want to reduce weight, bringing only the barest of essentials on every trip. How light are ultra light packs? Approximately less than 10lbs which means, you will be relying mostly on your survival skills to hike for several days with less than 65 liters of necessities.

Day Packs

Perhaps the most versatile on this list, day packs allow you to carry 30 liters of necessities and can be used in different activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, climbing or any short adventure you wish to experience. Day packs also have an attachment that would suit whatever activity you will be doing with it.

Hydration Packs

Almost all modern-day outdoor backpacks are equipped with a form of hydration, ergo a hydration pack. This type of day pack has a specialized compartment that allows you to store water and drink from it using specialized hoses attached on the pack. Because you're carrying water, hydration packs tend to be heavy and have lesser space in storing your survival kit.

Climbing Day Packs

Otherwise known as a bullet pack, climbing day packs are low-profile, agile, and extra durable compared to normal day packs. These outdoor bags are custom-fit for climbers with a capacity of 12-20 liters. Minus any unnecessary frills and pockets, climbing day packs are simple, flexible, and easy to carry - just what a climber needs.

Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing Packs

This type of packs are large and bulky and designed to carry a lot of stuff - 22-55 liters to be exact. Special attachments are needed in order to survive the harsh weathers of mountain tops and glaciers including ice tool/ ice axe attachments, crampon attachments, rope attachments, and more. Depending on the climber, you can fully customize your mountaineering packs according to your climbing technique and the environment.

Skiing Packs

Fit for skiers and snowboarders, skiing packs are small, aerodynamic, but can also have other features including probes, shovel storage, and can even have a bootpack. Skiing packs can have a capacity of 20 to 40 liters depending on your preference.

Travel Packs

If you are backpacking across Europe or Asia, this is the type of bag that you would need. Travel packs are designed to help you bring a lot of stuff on your trip without wearing you down too much because of the weight. It has many features including detachable day packs, kangaroo-style carrying, padded carry handles, lockable zippers, and a whole lot more.

Laptop and Messenger Bags

Not exactly something you would need for the great outdoors but carrying a laptop now is a necessity to survive in the urban jungle. What makes this type of bag so special is its padded sleeves that help protect your gadgets inside your bag. As you walk, less energy is transferred to your gadget thanks to its built-in pads, preventing any damage. It also has a large capacity to store your other things whether for your studies or the office.

Kaka Malaysia has a wide selection of affordable and good quality outdoor bags that would match your lifestyle. Whether for hiking, trekking, camping, fishing or any outdoor activity, you can count on Kaka to keep your survival kits and necessities safe and secure. Check out the best Kaka outdoor bags at iPrice!