Does your hair feel dry, brittle and unhealthy or do you have oily, itchy or dry scalp? Or are you just looking for a great product that will help keep your unruly hair frizz-free and more manageable? For whichever the reason, Kafen is the answer for all your hair problems and concerns. Read all about this Taiwanese brand here.


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Popularized by endorsements and celebrity fans, Kafen is not one of those brands that just pop out and go by. Although its initial fame is credited to famous local celebrity ads and product launches, Kafen products itself have got the social media bloggers to rave over for its effectiveness in replenishing malnourished hair.

What is healthy hair?

Besides just keeping barbers and hairstylists employed, the hair on our heads actually performs many useful functions. On our scalps, our hair protects us against the sun, they are shields for our skull when we bump into things or get hit on the head, it is also one part of a body feature that reflects our personality. But do you know what is healthy hair?

Healthy hair needs to have the following characteristics.

  1. It’s smooth — smooth and silky just like what all hair ads claim their product to do, a healthy head of locks is soft the touch
  2. It’s shinny — full of luster, if your hair has that natural shine and looks voluminous, this means its healthy
  3. It’s elastic — textured like a rubber band and can withstand that thug and stretchable, then it is healthy (keep away from excessive heating to maintain hair’s natural elasticity)
  4. It detangles easily — when hair is healthy, the hair shaft will be smooth which means they are much easier to detangle by themselves, no need the help of detangler products
  5. Healthy scalp — to have heathy hair, a dandruff-free scalp is essential, not too oily and not too dry too, with a well-balanced moisturised condition
  6. Likes humidity — hair that is damaged hates the moisture as they will frizz up with the slightest hint of moisture in the air, as the hair swells up when humidity levels rises
  7. Hair falls/sheds — yes, losing hair is actually a sign that your hair is healthy, a person with healthy head of locks shed about 50 to 100 hairs per day. So, unless your hair is falling over that range, you are not suffering from worrying hair loss

So, do you have healthy hair?

How can Kafen help you to manage your hair.

Kafen products claim that it can help to:

  • Improve shine by 98%
  • Improve smoothness by 98%
  • Increase elasticity by 96%

So, how does Kafen do it?

A brand formed in 2010 by a group of Hair Beauty experts with over 30 years of experience and a group of young graduates with an innovative online business module. Kafen started its business through online selling in which the seniors focused on product development while the juniors managed the online ordering and marketing. This young and old cooperation just worked out perfectly and Kafen is now one of the well-known hair care brand in the Asian region.

Kafen formulates its products without Dimethicone, a kind of silicon oil that is commonly used by hair care product manufacturers because of its coating property. Although Dimethicone makes hair smooth after just one wash and does form a kind of protective layer over the hair, it can actually cause skin irritation whereby it will affect the health of your scalp. Instead of sinking into the skin and nourishing it from the inside out, this silicon oil forms a kind of plasticky layer over it, trapping bacteria, sebum and impurities in your scalp follicles. This coating property also prevents your skin from performing its normal activities like sweating and sloughing off dead skin cells. So, with prolonged use of hair care products that have Dimethicone and your scalp will slowly suffocate and dandruff problems will emerge. Kafen products which are FREE of this terrible chemical will help keep your scalp healthy and will not clog up the hair roots.

Top Kafen hair products

Kafen offers quite a wide range of hair care products that include shampoos, hair dryers, hair styling wax, hair oil. Kafen also launched its very own body wash product series called Oanaya. The following are the best-selling Kafen products that have been reviewed numerous times by bloggers in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong. Many have tried and fell in love with Kafen as their hair condition improved upon testing out the products.

Kafen Acid Hair Series

One of the most moisturizing series in the Kafen line that has 3 shampoos and 1 treatment. Formulated for those with very dry or severely damaged hair, this Acid series works best for people with hair that have gone through hell. Its Balancing Shampoo is for people with oily scalp, helps eliminate dandruff and cleanses out dirt off the scalp; the Colour Preserve Shampoo is made for permed or coloured hair, with a unique brightening formula, it cleans, retains shine and repairs damaged hair; its Moisturizing Aroma Shampoo helps to keep the glow of hair, preventing fizziness and dryness; while the Rapid Recovery Treatment works to replenish nutrients in hair and enhances hair’s elasticity.

Kafen Snail Series

It comes with a Restore Treatment and a Restore Shampoo, this series is the best shampoo for hair loss and anti-fungal treatment. Can be used by people with oily hair, dandruff or dry scalp.

Kafen Absolute/Impression Series

First series of the Ka'Fen line of products is great for people with specific needs for their hair. This series also has a floral parfum scent that makes your hair smelling lovely all day long. It also works pretty good for crazy humid weather. It has Anti-dandruff, Permed/Coloured and Repairing shampoo and a One Minute Treatment.

Give Kafen products a go and feel the new bounciness of your luscious locks. Browse at iprice Hair Care products to have lovely hair.