Looking for a headset or a headphone that could satisfy your hunger for a rich music experience? Or do want to start a Vlog but your resources are only limited to your Handset's camcorder? If your answer is yes to either (or both!) of these questions, then have a look at JVC's line of electronics and accessories that will provide you with a multimedia pleasure like no other. Click here to know more!


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JVC Malaysia — from phonograph maker to professional electronics maker

Established in Yokohama, Japan in 1927 as the Japanese subsidiary of the U.S. firm, Victor Talking Machine Company, JVC is a company that manufactured phonographs and pressed the first record in Japan. JVC’s outstanding offering of both hardware and software production capability is what made this brand strong and still developing in this current market. Subsequently, as evidenced by the production of the world’s first VHS video deck, JVC developed into a leading technological innovator in the audio/video industry, creating new products that are a step ahead of the times for an international audience.

In 1926, the “father of TV” Kenjiro Takayanagi, who became the first in the world to successfully project an image onto a cathode ray tube, joined JVC after World War II. Involved in the commercialization of colour TVs and the development of the two-head helical scan system, his legacy later became the foundation for JVC’s videocassette recorders.

The world’s first VHS format video recorder developed by JVC and introduced in 1976, eventually became the de facto world standard for video, and spawned an entirely new cultural phenomenon based on visual communication. JVC innovations in video continued, with the introduction in 1984 of the world’s first single unit video camera/recorder and in 1995 with the introduction of the world’s first pocket-sized digital video camcorder.

JVC Americas Corp and Kenwood USA Corporation merged operations in 2014, forming a single subsidiary in the United States, JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation. Today, JVC continues its record of innovation, with its 4K e-shift D-ILA home theatre projectors, rugged HD Everio camcorders and a wide range of premium quality headphones, JVC is definitely not a brand to miss when it comes to audio and visual entertainment.

Videography: JVC Everio, the modern video camera

The ultimate gadget for modern day videography — JVC Everio is:

  • Waterproof up to 5 metres or 16.4 feet (you can dive with it)
  • Shockproof up to 1.5 metres or 4.9 feet (accidental droppage is no longer a problem)
  • Dustproof (so you can use it in some vigorously dusty enviroments)
  • Freezeproof up to -10’C or 14’F (capture all the moments in beautiful snow, even when you might be freezing, Everio will not stop recording)
  • Capable to capture up to 5 hours of continuous video material
  • Compatible with portable battery and USB charging
  • Able to carry out 40x Optical Zoom and 60x Dynamic Zoom
  • Able to realigns its microphone focal point and zooms into your subject’s voice when recording
  • Able to capture clear images with precise colours even in low light with a 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS sensor (no worries for indoors or in dark situations video capturing)
  • Capable of Full HD 1920x1080 Recording

The JVC Everio is one videocam that you would want to check out if you are planning on getting one to record all your precious memories. FYI human beings tend to remember their favourite memories more than the people involve, so use JVC Video Cameras to record the memories along with the people in it.

JVC Malaysia: Audiogasms — its amazing headphones line-up

JVC headphones that offers a variety of audiogasms are now available at iprice Malaysia. Pick from a wide range of colours, be it in-ear or on-ear headphones. JVC even has waterproof inner ear headphones that are specially made for running and sports like the HA-ETR40. If you want the whole audio experience on-the-go, get one of JVC’s XX Series Headphones that not only sounds good but also looks awesome as well just like in this short video.

JVC XX Headbands offers pemium club sound with high speed bass response with its dual magnet design and special ‘X-Damper’ technology that minimises unwanted vibration and creates clear sounds.

JVC’s special technology: the D-ILA

D-ILA, or Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification, is JVC-developed technology that delivers unmatched performance, with natural colour reproduction. Images produced with this technology is so smooth that it rivals film, and does justice to the most demanding program material. Since JVC launched its first D-ILA projector 1997, the technology has been employed in the creation of the cleanest, sharpest, most accurate image of today. Currently, some of the industry’s most sophisticated projectors from the most respected manufacturers are using this D-ILA technology licensed from JVC.

A type of liquid crystal technology, D-ILA is very different from the liquid crystal display (LCD) technology found in many products today. D-ILA is what’s called liquid crystal on silicon, or LCOS, but JVC made several improvements to basic LCOS technology to develop D-ILA. At its heart is the D-ILA device, or chip, designed and manufactured by JVC. Every JVC D-ILA projector uses three D-ILA devices, one each for red, green and blue – the three colours that are combined to create the full colour palette. This in order creates ‘film-like images’, as well as ‘screen door effect’ (a shadowing image on the image caused by the spaces between the pixels) that looks as if you’re looking at the image through a screen door. JVC’s D-ILA is often used in traffic tower controller training, airline pilot training, night vision simulation, large venue screening, Hollywood post production screening rooms, high-end 4K and 2K video projections.

JVC visual technology for the professionals

JVC uses its expertise in audio and visual development in its product making which becomes the set of tools that are used for professional video recording and filming.

  • Pro Camcorders: GY-HM620U (an advance handheld ProHD camera)
  • Studio Components like fiber & multicore, remote panels, camera packages, studio viewfinders and lens accesories
  • Studio Monitors for professional filming monitoring
  • Field Monitors for on-site film monitoring
  • Blu-ray recorders without the need of a PC

Explore the wide variety of JVC at iprice Malaysia for all your audio and visual needs. Also check out brands like Audio-Technica, Sony and Jabra that also offer a variety of electronics.