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Organic Beauty from Jurlique Malaysia

If you are looking for organic, natural skin, body, and hair care products, Jurlique Malaysia is one of the finest brands in the beauty market. Established in the 80s by biochemist Dr. Jurgen Klein with botanist and wife Ulrike, the couple has a passion and belief of nature’s healing powers. Seeking nature’s finest raw materials, the couple from Germany moved to Adelaide Hills, Australia to form a natural formula combining ancient alchemy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. Continuing their dedication throughout the years, Jurlique has become the second largest natural beauty product manufacturer in Australia with a global presence in over 19 countries, owning up to 5,000 stores across the globe.

Jurlique Malaysia gives you the opportunity to make healthier, more organic life choices starting with your beauty products. Choose from our categories below and reconnect with nature with these amazing products from Jurlique Malaysia!