Julie's - A well-known biscuit brand with a humble and kind girl logo has been a staple in many households, school bags, snack bowls, pantries for many years in Malaysia. Julie's biscuits play a part in countless moments among the consumers locally and internationally. Read on to learn more about Julie's biscuit Malaysia below.

What is in Julie's Biscuit Assorties? | What are the popular Julie's biscuits in Malaysia?


All you need to know about Julie's Biscuits

COVID-19 has forced Julie's "to get much more serious about digital". As a result, the company intends to increase its investment in that area. While Julie's exports to 80 different countries, the brand set to focus its efforts on the top 10 countries in 2021, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indochina, and China.

Julie's - A Brand Refreshed

Julie's Biscuits has refreshed its brand logo, giving it a fresher appearance more than 35 years after it was founded in 1984. Tzy Horng Sai (Sai), the company's director, stated that it was time for a makeover to "convey who we are and what we stand for."

The previous logo featured a seemingly older-looking Julie with two ponytails and blue ribbons, she was dressed in a blue skirt and a red vest, and the wordmark was in yellow colour. This time round, the girl in the logo has short hair with a red ribbon at the top, as well as dressed in a blue outfit.

In the new logo, Julie is confidently gazing upwards and forward, and she embodies "a sense of optimism and confidence," according to Julie's Biscuits corporate design guide. Besides, the wordmark has changed to blue, as the company said it supports her "with its confident, friendly lines that pay respect to Julie's Biscuits history typography.

Despite the brand revamped, Julie is still the same girl as the trademark icon, as seen by her eye-catching blonde hair and splash of red. The core colours of the brand - blue and yellow, are also prominent in the new logo. The brand wants to put Julie's on the world map and continues to bring smiles across the world.

Move Forward, Grow Younger

Julie's aimed to bring Julie's Biscuits back to life and capture the hearts of the younger audience since they believed that biscuits had become a thing of the older generation. Youth is frequently connected with vitality, aspiration, vigour, adventure, and optimism. And these traits are essential for Julie's to possess.

They also wanted to create an aspirational brand, something that can make people happy the second they saw Julie's Biscuit after waking up. The brand also believes that the Julie icon will inspire hope and make consumers look forward to the day.

Sai mentioned that the process of transforming all assets was tough as the brand had various SKUs, stakeholders, as well as distinct markets and concerns. They also made certain that the brand did not abandon or shortchange themselves through the restructuring process.

The company want to focus more on consumer-centric and leverage digital to acquire more consumer insights and bring Julie's biscuits closer to people.

What is in Julie's Biscuit Assorties?

Julie's Biscuit Assorties contain a wide range of biscuits variety with a premium selection of semi-sweet biscuits, peanut butter sandwich, cheese sandwich, wafer rolls and other sandwiched biscuits.

What are the popular Julie's biscuits in Malaysia?

  • Julie's Love Letters Chocolate
  • Cheese Crackers
  • Le-mond Cheddar Cheese Puff Sandwich
  • Finger Lemon Flavoured Cream Sandwich