Check out the hottest modest fashion items from Jubahsouq Malaysia! From headscarves to tops, bottoms, and dresses, you can find everything you need to put together an elegant outfit. Scroll down below and learn how to make the most out of your modest #OOTD everyday!


Jubahsouq Malaysia - How to Master Modest Fashion

With the emergence of modest fashion is famous runways around the globe, more people are now opening to its idea. Finding a common ground between religion, choice, and fashion, modest fashion has become more popular than ever. Whether you're a Muslim, an Orthodox Jew, or Christian, you can enjoy the best out of modest fashion with Jubasouq Malaysia. Here are some tips that would make your modest #OOTD more fabulous every day:

Wear your Headscarf Differently

In contrary to popular belief, Muslim women are not the only ones that need to wear a headscarf. Eastern Orthodox Christians and Orthodox Jews are also among the many people who wear them. The best thing about wearing a headscarf is that there are no rules on how you can wear them as long as it covers your hair and your neck. There are tons of great ways you can wear a hijab with intricate folds and drapes to add volume to it. With this, you won't have to wear your headscarf the same way!

Don't Be Afraid of Patterns

Even if you are covering your arms, legs, and your silhouette, wearing patterns enables you to add drama to your outfit. Patterns can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical with different motifs and colors. One tip about wearing patterns is to always pair it with a solid bold color. If you plan on wearing patterned dresses, choose a headscarf in one color that would complement your outfit and vice versa. This also applies to accessories if you have any.

Mix and Match Colors

Mixing and matching is always your best friend when you want to rock out your modest #OOTD. If you are new to color matching, a color wheel would definitely be a helpful guide. To do this, find the color of your outfit on the wheel and the complement color would be the exact opposite of it. You can also refer to patterns, and ombre colors to know what color looks good with what. Knowing what to pair with which garment is a helpful tool that you can use to put together at the right occasion.

More isn't Always Less

There are a lot of ways to style your outfit without showing off your skin. Aside from using patterns, you can also layer your outfit with a cardigan or a sweater, as well as focus more on your accessories such as your bags and shoes. Covering your body allows for more creativity and how to make an outfit work, after all, confidence is the key to fashion and not the clothes that you wear.

Providing you with the hottest trends in modest fashion, Jubahsouq Malaysia has an exciting array of clothing for men and women. Jubahsouq Malaysia finds the perfect balance between fashion and modesty, so shop at iPrice now and get ready to rock your outfit in style!

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