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Joyetech Price in Malaysia for September, 2018

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Joyetech brings you the sought-out joy of vaping into your life with its products that are equipped with high-end technology. Not only do they bring you mods and heads, they also produce their own e-juices! Read more below!

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Top Joyetech Price List 2018

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Joyetech eGo AIO D22 RM 46.80 AliExpress
Joyetech eGo AIO D16 RM 66.40 AliExpress
Joyetech Elitar Pipe RM 37.20 AliExpress
Joyetech eGO AIO Quick RM 66.10 Heaven Gifts
Joyetech eGrip 80W RM 350.90 Heaven Gifts
Joyetech eGo AIO Pro RM 59.10 AliExpress
Joyetech iStick 10W RM 61.30 AliExpress
Joyetech eGo AIO Box RM 80.60 AliExpress
Joyetech eGrip 80W Silver RM 350.90 Heaven Gifts
Joyetech Cuboid Mini RM 78.50 AliExpress
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Joyetech eGo AIO D22

Cheapest at AliExpress RM 46.80 Go to Shop

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JOYETECH Malaysia: Vaping Fun into Your Life

JOYETECH Malaysia: The Cool Way to Vape

The vaping culture has invaded the lives of people for the past century and now it has grown together with technology to bring you satisfaction and sensations to all of your senses. When Joyetech was founded back in 2007, it had in mind to concentrate in making sure consumers are thoroughly enjoying their vaping experiences with the help of their products. Furthermore, the people behind Joyetech put into focus of concentrating of brand development. As such, we can expect more to come in the area of vaping (or e-cigarettes) from the blooming brand itself.

Joyetech is a brand that produces mods (the electronic devices that are used to produce the steam, commonly scented and flavored), tanks (container of the e-juice which holds the coils that atomizes the e-juice) and the e-juices (the liquid that is heated-up by the mods). With its recent success in launching its brand new and technologically-advanced ULTIMO Atomizer along with their new MG Series Heads, Joyetech aims and is heading towards being the leader in the e-cigarette industry. This is supported by its deep-application of high-end technology in its products. With a tagline of, “Bringing JOY into your vaping experience”, you can enjoy and be cool while you are it too!

Atomizing Your Enjoyment with JOYETECH Malaysia

Joyetech’s most recent and most technologically-advanced atomizer, the ULTIMA Atomizer, was released on the 8th July 2016 and it took the vaping world by storm. Tired of unscrewing your tank every time you need to refill your e-juice? Joyetech solves that problem with its revolutionized top filling system. Say goodbye to messy refilling accidents and say hello to a cleaner and quicker way to refill on your e-juice. Also new with the ULTIMA is the improved adjustable airflow control. Adaptive to the also-new MG Series Heads, you can no longer worry about spilling or leakage.

Now, that’s just the big intro into this section of Joyetech mods and tanks. Other popular products from Joyetech include the eGo Mega Twist Plus and eGo AIO. Both of these series pack power into your vaping experience while being compact and light. So, they are considered the to-go e-cigarettes. Other products that are similar or equally enjoyable are the ones from the Cuboid series, CUBIS series, eVic-VT, and eGo One Series.

Joyetech also offers a variety of accessories to add on to your personal vaping machine. You can find medium and extra-large carrying cases with the inclusion of additional ICR batteries to make your vaping experience cooler and more enjoyable, not to mention accessible as well!

JOYETECH Makes Way to Juicing Your Vaping Experience

As mentioned above, Joyetech also produces its own e-liquid. The brand also has a separate company for it called Joyetech Flavors & Fragrances. It was founded in December 2012 and it mainly engaged in flavor research and production. The flavors include Tobacco Flavors (rich and smoky, full-bodied, and bold), Fruit Flavors (fruity, sweet, refreshing), Herbal Flavors (great throat hit with cooling sensation), Drinks Flavors (great-tasting, smooth, excellent throat hit), Desserts Flavors (coffee cake, popcorn, chocolate. Need we say more?), and Characteristic Flavors. Now you might be wondering what characteristic flavors are. They have light weight characteristics mixed with menthol flavors. Clear Spring, Rainbow, and Spring Rain are some of the Characteristic Flavors you can enjoy chilling in your living room.

We find great satisfaction when we pair the products we buy together in the same brand and Joyetech establishes that need of satisfaction with the inclusion of their own-production of e-juices. Besides finding joy in Joyetech vaping machines and juices, you will always be satisfied during and after your vaping sessions.

Putting the “Joy” in Vaping with JOYETECH Malaysia

The people behind Joyetech find determination in doing their work through the collective feedback from their customers: “unexpectedly good”. When a company is getting good feedback constantly, you can rest assured that what their produce is of the best quality. Regardless if you are a beginner or a veteran in the vaping world, Joyetech is always ready to equip you with the latest and the exact vaping machine to quench your thirst for some flavored steam. We personally like the new ULTIMA Atomizer and the Desserts Flavors. Check them up in the product listing above!

If you are itching for another vaping brand other than Joyetech, you can always check out its close competitor, Kangertech.

Happy Shopping and Happy Vaping!