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Erma Bombeck once said that she never leaf through a copy of National Geographic without realizing how lucky she is to live in a society where it is traditional to wear clothes. Then just imagine how lucky we are to live in Malaysia where culture and traditions are fused into our daily outfit. Even though the fashion scene in Malaysia might not be as colourful as other countries, there is a small group of fashion people and the good news is the group is definitely growing. As Malaysians are closely associated with culture, Jovian is always ready to provide the most beautiful Muslimah wear with a touch of modern twist.

About Jovian

Established in 2012, Jovian's beautifully made and wearable muslimah clothing are catered to the women who seek for traditional and fashionable clothes. The friendly price tag and unique design of each outfit from Jovian are the reasons for the success of this great brand. With the impeccably made Jovian clothing, now you can have not only a traditional look but also unleash the fashion goddess in you!

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Social media is not merely to help us communicate with other people, but more than that. Social media is something that unites us and keep us aware of what is happening around us. Through social media, we are exposed to the global media and that is why fashion brands are now using social media as a platform to establish a good bond with the global consumers. It is not only a great way to expose a product but also gained the trust of people in the process. You can visit Jovian's official Facebook to learn everything about the brand. Besides that, you can follow Jovian on Instagram and Twitter to get updated on the latest items or amazing promotions!