Hot shower is one of the best things that your bathroom could offer, that is why it is essential that you have one efficiently and quickly does the job, installed in your home. Joven Water Heaters are the best ones that could give you that warm shower proficiently. Click here to know more about Joven Water Heaters!


Joven Water Heater: Warm Moment Under the Shower

Joven Electric has been a leading provider of home electronics and appliances since 1983, and is a famed brand in many Asian countries most especially Malaysia. their Water heater is one of Joven appliances' popular products, because of their innovative technology integrated with it. Their water heaters are award winning which certifies that its advanced features are indeed innovated and made a big difference in the lives of many. Aside from that, they're a pioneer when it comes to water heating system.

Why Choose Joven Water Heater?

  • The brand is a well established in Malaysia
  • Joven water heaters are energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Joven water heaters are durable, because they are made of water resistant and shockproof body, that could endure extreme environmental conditions.
  • They have a variety of water heaters that caters to a specific need or preference.
  • Easy to install in your bathroom.
  • Products are very safe to use because Joven follows safety standards for their products.

Joven Water Heater Series

Joven Water Heater was able to establish 3 types from their product line, each features a unique functionality that would suit a certain bathroom set up that users want.

Celtralised Multipoint System Storage Water Heater

Joven's water heaters are designed to be nature friendly, and their storage water heaters are no exception. Their Centrlised Mutlipoint System Storage Water Heater is not necessarily a heater for your a single bathroom, but instead it's designed to cater to a number of bathrooms inside your home; it stores the water and heat it for it to be distributed across your home. Their Centralised Multipoint System Storage Water Heater current has 4 series :

  • Green Storage Water Heater
  • JH Horizontal Series
  • JVA Vertical Series
  • JHT Wall Mounted Series

Each series vary in terms of form, catering to a specific household condition and construction.

Multipoint Water Heater

These water heaters are the ones that are commonly used in home bathrooms, it can be attached to a multiple shower hose to provide hot showers to more than one shower point in the bathroom. Currently, Joven has launched 2 models for their Instal Water Heater product line: MP 960 and the MP 720. These two models are pretty much the same in terms of build and functionality; they're both equipped with IP25 Splash protection, Anti Scalding, Energy Saving and Plumbing Cover. The only difference between the two is the size, the MP 960 is a slightly bigger version of the MP 720.

Instant Water Heater

Their Instant Water Heaters are wall mounted, it's the easiest water heater to install among their product line, but it only provides hot water to one specific shower point; where ever it is installed. The instant water heater from Joven only requires a piping outlet for tap water, and electrical connection. The Joven Instant Water heater comes in a set that includes showerheaad, hose and the water heater. It's very easy to install, anyone in the family can do it.

Currently, they Joven Instant Water Heater feature a wide array of this product, sporting different designs and built: some are pretty luxurious in terms of overall design and functionality, while there are those that are striaght forward and simple. Among their most popular Instant Water Heater series are as follows:

  • iSeries
  • SL series
  • 1 touch series

These three has the most sleek and elegant looking designs, perfect for the modern day lifestyle.