Nothing beats the comfort of showering in warm water after a long, hectic day. Hence, water heaters have become indispensable appliances in our lives. With so many brands available in the market, Joven Electric Co. is one of the most popular names that are coveted by Malaysian households. Check out different models of water heaters by Joven Electric below.

Is Joven water heater good? | What are the best Joven water heaters in Malaysia? | How do I reset my Joven water heater?


Top JOVEN Water Heaters Price List 2021

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Joven SL30iP RM 407.00 Shopee
Joven SB11P RM 410.00 Shopee
Joven PC838P RM 10.25 Shopee
Joven JH 35 HE RM 565.00 Shopee
Joven 880P RM 399.00 Shopee
Joven JH 25 HE RM 635.00 Shopee
Joven SL30P RM 355.00 Lazada
Joven JH 50 HE RM 565.00 Shopee
Joven JH 68 HE RM 565.00 Shopee
Joven 830i RM 399.00 Shopee
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Joven SL30iP

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Joven Electric - All You Need to Know About Joven Water Heater

Is Joven water heater good?

Most users find that the Joven Water Heaters are user-friendly due to their simple 1-touch design. The Joven water heater is also a fantastic water-saving device. They come with specialized flow controls that provide a way to reduce the water amount that you currently use while taking a shower. They also filter water that passes through them well. Not only that, installation of the water heaters is fairly quick and easy too. Some of the advantages of Joven water heaters are:

  • Energy efficient
  • No heat loss
  • Heat efficient
  • Energy-saving and water-saving features
  • Water-resistant case, splash-proof design

What are the best Joven water heaters in Malaysia?

Joven 830i Water Heater

It sports a minimalist design with an intuitive function for temperature adjustment. To adjust to your preferred temperature, simply turn the knob either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Switching on the pump is as easy as pie thanks to its one-touch on/off button system.

In terms of safety features, the Joven 830i is protected by an IP25-compliant splash-proof casing and has Double Poles EELS and Surge protection systems that play a role in preventing unforeseen accidents like current leakage and power surge.

A slider bar set comprising a handheld shower head with 5 different spray options and a sturdy soap tray is bundled along with this Joven water heater.

Joven Instant Water Heater 880P with a Pump

Although it may not be a quiet water heater, the Joven 880P model has some great features that are worth the price. Some of which include a built-in AC double ball bearing-booster pump system that supplies sufficient water pressure, an easy-to-operate knob in the centre of the unit, as well as a shower head with 5 adjustable spray options. Like the Joven 830i heater, it also has an IP25 splash-proof casing cover, a Double Poles EELS for current leakage prevention and a surge protector that will disconnect itself automatically to prevent power surge.

How do I reset my Joven water heater?

For some models of water heater, the location of the EELS / ELCB test reset is in the front and some at the bottom right corner. For normal circumstances, when you press Test, the water heater's Green / Red light will turn off, and upon pressing Reset, the Green and Red light will turn back on indicating that the water heater is working.