When it comes to long-lasting paints and coatings for wood and metal surfaces in Malaysia, one name will instantly come to mind – Jotun. Being one of the biggest paint manufacturers locally and throughout the world, Jotun Malaysia provides you with colours for your homes with their trustworthy array of paints. Read on below to find out what Jotun colors you should paint your homes with.


Tips on How to Pick the Right Paint Color With Jotun Malaysia

For almost 100 years, Jotun has delivered top quality, all-weather paint to its consumers to paint their houses with. Jotun’s paints are known to be durable – capable of lasting through all-weather conditions. This makes their paints ideal to be used in Malaysian homes, as the Malaysian weather can be unpredictable; sunny one moment, raining heavily the next. Not only are paints equipped with weather protection technology, but the colors also make your home look vibrant and inviting.

Jotun Malaysia - What We Can Recommend

Research has shown that colors can indirectly affect one’s mood. While many of us do not spend too much thinking about what colors to paint our rooms and homes with, they have a subliminal effect on how we feel daily. Jotun Malaysia understands the importance of using the appropriate color palettes for your homes, which is why they will release Jotun color catalogs every year that shows the different colors and shades that best complement your homes. Moreover, there is a function on Jotun Malaysia’s official website that provides advice and suggestions on what colors are best used in different parts of the house for the best effects.


The bedroom is one’s personal space in the entire house. It is the place where one enjoys some alone time away from the world, but also the place where they rest their heads at night. With that said, bedrooms should be painted in calming colors to help induce sleep. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep at night, one of the reasons might be the color of your bedroom. Think of light colors, earth tones, and soft muted colors when painting your rooms to promote better and faster sleep at night. The light shades of colors give the bedroom a soothing and relaxing feel that befits a restful space.


The color of the sky and ocean, invokes a feeling of calmness and tranquility and is believed to lower blood pressure and slows down heart rates. Combining these factors together leads to better sleep, which is probably why most interior designers will recommend painting your bedrooms with shades of blue.


Another color that you can consider using to paint your bedroom is green. Green is often associated with rest and freshness which can help you to fall asleep easily. Green is also the color of nature, which will help you to unwind and relax after a long day’s work. It is also believed to help with fertility, making it a great choice for bedrooms.

Although blue and green (both in lighter shades) are highly recommended colors, it might not suit everyone. For those who prefer other colors, lighter shades of yellow and purple, as well as gray, beige, and peach are also good alternatives that you can apply to your bedroom’s interior to improve sleep quality.

Living Room

The living room is usually the activity center of the house – buzzing with activity as it is the place where we welcome guests and gather together as a family after meals. Contrary to the bedroom that should adopt light colors for a peaceful impression, living rooms should be painted with vibrant colors such as bright red and bright yellow. Being the most intense color among all the color hues, red raises the room’s energy level – stimulating conversations and stirring up excitement. Hence, it is ideal to be used in places such as the living room and the dining room, the two main areas of our houses where we show our Malaysian hospitality best.


Yellow, on the other hand, resembles the sunshine and radiates happiness and vibrancy. They are an excellent choice for dining rooms and living rooms where it is uplifting and energizing. Moreover, when used in smaller spaces, yellow will give an expansive feeling, giving the impression that the room is bigger than it is.


When it comes to kitchen walls, red and white are both suitable options. However, both bring different effects to kitchen aesthetics. Warmer colors such as red are believed to increase one’s appetite, and since the kitchen is the food preparation area of the house, red is an excellent option for kitchens. Besides that, white is also a good option for the kitchen as it signifies cleanliness and freshness. An all-white kitchen can help to wake you up the moment you step into the kitchen to grab your breakfast.

If in Doubt, Follow the Trend

If you feel that colorful walls are not your cup of tea, you choose to follow the trends instead. For instance, the Scandinavian and Nordic interior is immensely popular due to its simplicity and cleanliness. To achieve this trend, opt for paints with neutral colors so that you can decorate your home or office with plants and other Scandinavian knick-knacks. Another popular trend you can try is the rustic, bohemian interior where it incorporates earthy tones like dark green, yellow, and so on.

Finding the Right Jotun Paint

Jotun products are divided into 3 categories: Interior, Exterior, and Wood & Metal. Interior paints from Jotun are specifically created so that it’s safe and will last against the daily wear-and-tear. The current indoor paint collection by Jotun includes Majestic, Jotun Essence Easy Clean, Jotaplast Max, Majestic Primer, and Jotasealer 03.

Exterior paints are tougher - they can withstand harsh and unpredictable weather from scorching temperatures to thunderstorms. Jotun paints from the exterior category include Jotashield, Jotaroof, Jotun Essence Tough Shield, Jotashield Primer, Jotun Ultra Primer, Cito Primer 09, and Jotun Essence Easy Primer.

Since wood and metal requires special care, Jotun has dedicated a collection of paints for these kinds of surfaces. This Jotun paint collection comprises of Jotun Woodshield, Majestic Supreme Finish, Majestic Primer for Wood and Trims, Jotun Essence Hi-Gloss, and Gardex Premium Gloss.

Prices of Jotun Paints in Malaysia

How much a Jotun paint cost depends on the variant and the size of the container. Jotun price in Malaysia starts from RM41.90 for a 7L tub of Jotaplast Max from Lazada.

Pick the Best Colours for Your Home with Jotun Malaysia

Now that you have a better idea of how colors can affect your mood and the overall aesthetics of your home, you might be thinking of repainting some parts of your home. With paints from Jotun Malaysia, you have an abundance of paint colors to choose for your next home improvement project. Be sure to grab Jotun Malaysia’s color catalogs to have a better idea of the different shades of colors provided by Jotun Malaysia so that you can make a wise decision. You can also check out Colourland, Nippon, and Dulux for more paint options.

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