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When basketball shoes are mentioned, if the name Jordan does not pop in your mind, then you don’t really know much about basketball shoes. Click here to know how Jordans changed the industry with their creations.

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Be at the top of your game with Jordan Basketball shoes Malaysia

As a legend on the court, Micheal Jordan had indeed set a standard for performance and style which can clearly be seen in his collection of basketball shoes. If you love basketball just as much as we do, you will surely be able to channel your idol, Michael Jordan with Jordan shoes. Admit it it, when it comes to basketball shoes, no shoes can be better than the Jordans. Designed with unbeatable performance and style using only the latest Nike technologies, you can now sport a pair of Jordans both on and off the court. Explore our great selection of popular Jordan styles that are bound to help you in your slam-dunk with the Air Jordan, SuperFly, Flight, and more.

Jordan shoes, the perfect synergy between an athlete and technology

Before the introduction of the Air Jordans, all basketball shoes were purely white with no style to it. This simple statement only begins to describe the sheer magnitude of the change that occurred to the world of basketball and the athletic footwear industry when Micheal Jordan entered the arena. Ever since he joined forces with Nike and the launch of the Air Jordan, both the game and the industry experienced the biggest change!

Every year, a new, revolutionary pair of Air Jordan is revealed ever since its debut in 1985, dominating the athletic market in sales and demand. With brand new models designed each year that creates new benchmark standards in design, innovation, and performance for the entire industry, Air Jordans continues to expand their kingdom, collecting a huge following in every corner of the world.

Inspired by the greatest to ever be in the basketball field, this franchise continues to lead and shape the basketball and athletic footwear industry.

The amazing innovative technology behind the Jordan basketball shoes Malaysia

Other than the undeniable style, the most important aspect of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan signature sneaker line is certainly the rich history of its technological innovations throughout the years. From the very beginning in 1985, Air Jordans would set the bar so high as the best of the best in the basketball sneaker world. The coolest designs matched with the latest and most innovative technology – that’s what everyone expects from this shoe that changes every year.

From the very first model to the latest one that is still fresh in the market, here are the most important technologies found within the world’s greatest basketball shoes.

  • Air – Nike’s flagship cushioning system
  • Zoom Air – an advanced cushioning system that is way lighter, lower to the ground build, utilizing tightly stretched tensile fibres woven inside a pressurized Nike Air.
  • Clear Outsole – translucent gum rubber on the outsole of the shoe for a firmer grip on the court.
  • Huarache – a lightweight, foot-hugging technology with a neoprene-constructed Huarache bootie system.
  • Carbon Fiber Shank – a support within the midsole that provides support for the lateral and medial movements on the court.
  • Flight Plate – allows the usage of Zoom Air within the shoe without the usual foam in between the Air units and your foot thanks to the supportive and strong carbon fiber plates.
  • Independent Podular Suspension – a system with individual ‘pods’ within the outsole that cushions and supports the foot.

The ultimate best Jordan Basketball shoes

Here are the top 10 basketball shoes from Jordan that changed the world.

  1. Jordan 11
  2. Jordan 4
  3. Jordan 13
  4. Jordan 3
  5. Jordan 12
  6. Jordan 7
  7. Jordan 5
  8. Jordan 8
  9. Jordan 6
  10. Jordan 1

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