The name “Michael” resounds greatness in many forms. From Michael Jackson as the eternal King of Pop to Michael Phelps as a world-record breaking Olympic swimmer to Michael Jordan as the forever flying Legend of Basketball. From his fame, success, and incredible prowess on the basketball court, out came a brand that defines the strength and grace of basketball. Read more about Jordan and his brand below.


Some 20 Facts about Michael and his Brand "Jordan"

Michael Jordan - the legend and the king. Anybody who's into basketball would know that the very name "Jordan" entails excellent sportsmanship and many pop culture references. It all started with one man—Michael Jordan. Nike was in a slump in sales before the year of 1984 and it was the signing of Jordan that reinvented Nike to where it is now. The signing of Jordan made way for Nike to produce the very first of the Jordan line of products called the Air Jordan I. Since it was the first one made under Nike, it featured Nike’s large swoosh on the shoes. After the flunk of the Air Jordan II, a shoe designer by the name of Tinker Hatfield crafted the Air Jordan III and it became an instant success. If you think you know Michael Jordan, here are some facts that would definitely surprise you:

  1. When Nike first presented the first sketches of Air Jordan 1 to Michael, it was done in black and red. Michael apparently said that "I can't wear that shoe, those are Devil colors".
  2. Because Michael Jordan was still considered as a rookie when Jordan 1s came out, Nike was having doubts about releasing and marketing the shoe for $65. It turns out, there was nothing to worry at all!
  3. The Air Jordan 2 was the first Nike shoe in history to not feature the famous swoosh logo. It ushered a new era that design was a much important factor than the logo.
  4. The Air Jordan 2 is the only pair of Jordans to be made in Italy, thanks to its faux lizard skin upper.
  5. The Air Jordan 3s were never supposed to be released. Since Michael was only under contract until 1988 but his dad and designer Tinker Hatfield later convinced him.
  6. Air Jordan's ad campaign in 1992 the "Hare Jordan" seemed like a no brainer but it took 6 months to make and required 3,000 different illustrations of Bugs Bunny by 25 different artists which took a million dollars to put out.
  7. When Jordan retired from the NBA to pursue baseball, Tinker Hatfield was told to abandon the project. However, Hatfield has a better idea; he continued to design Air Jordans as if His Airness didn't retire. If it wasn't for his passion, the Jordan would've died after Jordan 8.
  8. The lowest points that Michael scored for a game is 2.
  9. Michael Jordan majored in cultural geography as his undergraduate major in North Carolina.
  10. Jordan's #23 is a tribute to his brother Larry. Throughout high school, Jordan's number was 45 until he joined the varsity team with his brother and shared the same number. Splitting 45 in half was 22.5 which is rounded up to 23.
  11. Not all releases went smoothly for Nike and Michael. In '95, Hatfield showed him the new Concord XIs to know what he thought about it. Jordan was so excited that he wore it to court against Hatfield's wishes. This forced Nike to release a sample version of the shoe and the release fell into chaos.
  12. Nike owned Air Jordan's until 1997 when the Air Jordan 13 was released.
  13. Before all the Yeezy's and other expensive shoe models, Air Jordan 17s were the first sneakers to be priced at $200. The pair came with a briefcase and interactive CD.
  14. Because Michael was afraid of snakes, the Air Jordan 19s black mamba-inspired campaign was re-worked.
  15. If you are lucky enough to own original Air Jordan 21s, it would be great to know that a hidden message is printed and can only be read under black light. Try it!
  16. Air Jordans are always released on Saturdays. This is to prevent kids from skipping school and get in line to get fresh kicks.
  17. Before a game, Michael Jordan eats a 23-ounce steak.
  18. Singer Ed Sheeran shares the same birthday (February 17) with Michael Jordan.
  19. Whenever his Airness checks in anonymously at a hotel, his alias would always be "Leroy Smith".
  20. When he played for the Washington Wizards in 2001, he donated all his salary to 9/11 victims.

Nike has introduced a multitude of Jordans from the moment Michael Jordan signed-up with them. What started off as a brand made specifically to remark a legend in basketball; the shoes that are presented in the Jordan lineup now no longer compromises of just basketball shoes. Branching out into three main categories (Men, Women Boys, and Girls) and further branching out into five sub-categories, Jordan shoes have gone off the basketball court and onto the lives of the world surrounding it.