Tablets are almost everywhere these days, and they come with many different types of specifications and price points. Joi, as a Malaysian company, sits on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, but their tablets, while affordable, does not compromise on performance and quality. Click hereto read more.


Joi Malaysia

About Joi Malaysia

The Malaysian-branded JOI (by SNS Network SDN BHD) first made its appearance in Malaysia in 2013 with their launch products, the JOI 7 and JOI 10 Android-based tablets. The first two tablets demonstrated that great performing tablets can be had without an incredibly large price tag.

The following year saw a partnership between JOI and Intel Malaysia to create the JOI 8 tablet, an Intel chipset-powered tablet that runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system. Like the first two launch tablets, the JOI 8 tablet brought a lot value to the market with its great performance on the familiar Windows operating system at an unbeatable price point. It was then, with the success of the JOI 8 tablet, that JOI expanded its product line-up to feature one of their largest tablet, the JOI 10 Flip, a 2-in-1 tablet-laptop convertible – once again at a great price of under RM1000.

Armed with a fantastic line-up of great tablet devices and an extensive service network across the nation, JOI aims to bring the best of affordable computing solutions to customers of all types – students, professionals – everyone.

Affordable Joi Tablets

Tablets and smartphones are becoming more than just luxury devices in the fast-paced world of today. These electronic touchscreen devices are becoming more and more of a necessity, for both our work and personal lives, all thanks to innovation. The devices have become the very core of our lives as they slowly become our literal hub for all things in life: entertainment, information, education, work, and even as our personal diary. Unfortunately, these machines can also cost a lot of money.

The unaffordability of tablets (and smartphones) is one of the reasons JOI strives day after day to deliver immensely superb value for their products. The innovation and advantages of modern technology should not be out of reach for everyone as it can help with giving everyone a gateway for the knowledge in the world. That is where Joi’s affordable and powerful tablets come into play.

Popular Joi Tablets

JOI’s main line-up of products consists of their Android and Windows operating system-based tablets, although they do have several smartphone models as well. The first of the JOI line-up of tablets consisted of only the Android-based tablets, the JOI 7 and JOI 10, a 7-inch and 10-inch display tablet respectively. Their line-up of tablets has since expanded to include a variety of Android and Windows-based operating systems in different display sizes and form factors.

Android Tablets

JOI’s Android tablets offer the familiar Android operating system that a lot of people are familiar with, including access to the Google Play Store to download the many apps made available.

JOI 8 Lite

The JOI 8 Lite is the most premium Android tablet in the JOI Android tablet line-up. The JOI 8 Lite has a large 8-inch IPS multi-touch display with a resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels, yet it is still small enough to easily handle in the hands. At the heart of the JOI 8 Lite runs and Intel Atom quad-core processor that delivers amazing performance for most if not all daily tasks and mobile app gaming. The JOI 8 Lite may be a tablet, but it also has Dual-SIM support and can also act as a smartphone for your calls and texts.

JOI KinderTab

JOI understands that not only the teens and adults want to get their own hands on the great technological innovations that are tablets. Children also enjoy the use of tablets, and they can gain a lot of benefits from using one. The JOI KinderTab is one that is specifically designed by JOI for kids between the ages of 3 to 6. It is loaded with educational contents and apps such as myReader, myActivity, and myPerformance. The tablet comes encased in a bright rubber case with grips for them to easily handle it.

Windows Tablets

JOI Windows tablet deliver the ultimate and the familiar functionality of the Windows operating system that we all know and love in a very portable form factor. Productivity never felt so affordable and portable.

JOI 10 Flip

The JOI 10 Flip is a 2-in-1 laptop-tablet device. The main device itself is the tablet with its beautiful 10-inch display; when plugged into the keyboard dock, the JOI 10 Flip becomes an ultraportable Windows device with full computing functionality. The JOI 10 Flip is an excellent device for those wanting a multi-purpose device and is suitable for both students and professionals alike.


The JOI 7 is a compact 7-inch display Windows-based tablet that delivers the full Windows operating system in an extremely portable form factor. Users of the JOI 7 will be able to be very productive wherever they are on the JOI 7, be it editing the important document at work or just touching-up an assignment that’s due.