Looking to find the best baby skincare product in Malaysia for your tiny bundle of joy? Consider Johnson’s baby products, one of the best baby skincare products available. Baby powders, oils, shampoos, lotions and soaps, the list of skincare and cosmetic products from Johnson and Johnson’s baby brands is seemingly endless.

Are Johnson's Baby products safe for babies? | Are Johnson's Baby products good for adults?


Johnson's Baby Products in Malaysia

Johnson’s baby is a brand of baby skincare products and cosmetics owned by the Johnson and Johnson company that was established in 1886 in the United States of America. The very first product from Johnson's baby line was the Baby Powder released to markets in 1893 followed by Baby cream and a gift box containing lotions, soaps and powder in 1921. The Johnson and Johnson baby oil was released 17 years later in 1938. Currently, Johnson’s Baby brand has a large variety of skincare and cosmetics to choose from for your baby and is well trusted by mothers across the globe for generations!

Are Johnson's Baby products safe for babies?

Johnson’s baby skin care products go through a five-step safety test to ensure the safety of your babies.

  • First Step: verifying the quality of the raw materials. Materials are accepted only from vendors that meet the set quality specifications.
  • Second step: inspection, evaluation and review of the materials obtained. Inspections and evaluations are done to identify and remove any impurities and reviewing ensures that the materials match the latest findings of the food and medical sciences.
  • Third Step: A clinical evaluation done by creating formulas and testing them in controlled lab settings for any and every likely issue that may be caused by the product.
  • Fourth Step: using the products in real-life scenarios, taking into consideration extreme heat, humidity and more.
  • Fifth Step: ongoing evaluation done after the release of the product into the market by reviewing feedback and monitoring the product closely.

These steps ensure the safety of your baby, making Johnson’s baby products one of the most reliable baby care products in Malaysia.

Are Johnson's Baby products good for adults?

Baby skincare products are just as good for adults as they are for babies.

Baby lotions: can be used as moisturizers. The nourishing factor works magic on adult skin making it smooth, soft and fresh.

Baby powder: Apply on sensitive skin that accumulates sweat to prevent chaffing on those hot and sweaty summer days.

Baby oil: can be used to remove eye makeup as it does not irritate the eye.