While there are so many Scotch whisky brands out there, nothing can beat the status and popularity of Johnnie Walker. A household name for deluxe liquor and alcohol fans, Johnnie Walker offers products for all your whisky needs. Find out more about Johnnie Walker Malaysia below.

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Johnnie Walker Malaysia: Experience the Best Scotch Whisky

Spirit aficionados must be familiar with this Scottish whisky brand. Johnnie Walker has provided some of the most exceptional whiskies you can ever find. With its wide range of whisky blends, Johnnie Walker provides outstanding liquor for alcohol enthusiasts all over the world. Some of the rich blends from Johnnie Walker are deemed as the best, beating out other whisky brands like Glenfiddich, Chivas, Macallan, Martell, and Highland Park.

John Walker: Famed Distiller with Humble Beginnings

The story of Johnnie Walker starts with the man himself. John Walker, a teetotaller or a person who’s never had alcohol, ran a grocery store which he then turned into a distillery in 1825. After he passed, his son Alexander and grandson Alexander II took over. The band released its first commercial blend called the Old Highland Whisky in 1865.

Whisky, not Whiskey

Since Johnnie Walker originated in Scotland, liquors from this brand are referred to as “whisky” instead of the Irish spelling of “whiskey”. The difference between Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey lies in the distillation process. Scotch whisky is distilled twice while Irish whiskey is distilled thrice to create a smoother liquor.

Johnnie Walker Whisky Blends

Johnnie Walker currently carries 6 main blends that are widely available in liquor stores and supermarkets across the globe. Each blend has its own distilling process which produces its own distinct flavours.

Johnnie Walker Red Label

The Johnnie Walker Red Label is the cheapest blend in the lineup. The packaging states no age and it’s typically used for mixed drinks and cocktails. The Red Label is the best-selling Scotch whisky in the world since 1945. It has a flavour with spice and smoky notes with hints of vanilla and zestiness. The Red Label consists of 30 different malts and grains chosen meticulously.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

The Johnnie Walker Black Label blend is a whisky that has been aged for 12 years. Another version of the Black Label is the Double Black Label, created by adding extra peaty malts and maturing the blend inside charred old oak casks. The Black Label is also considered one of the best-selling Scotch whiskies in the world. The Black Label is a smooth, deep blend while the Double Black Label is smoky with layers of spice. Black Label's iconic square bottle makes it one of the world's most recognizable Scotch whiskies.

Johnnie Walker Green Label

The Johnnie Walker Green Label blend was originally introduced as the Pure Malt 15 Year Old when it was released in 1997. It is a blended malt whisky (a mixture of single malts with no grain whisky added) and it must age for at least 15 years before bottling. Like its namesake, Green Label has notes of freshly cut grass, wood smoke, sandalwood, vanilla, and fresh fruit.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label blend was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand. It is made by blending 15 single malts and it uses the same blending notes as Alexander Walker II’s original recipe. Since 2013, this blend is known as Gold Label Reserve and it bears no age statements. The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve has flavours of smooth and subtle vanilla, honey, and dark fruits on the nose.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Renamed to Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years in 2017, the Platinum Label blend is meant to replace the Gold Label in Asian regions. The Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years carry citrus notes with a touch of vanilla, tropical tangerines, fragrant almonds, hints of toffee and caramel as well as a dark chocolate finish.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

This specific blend is considered the brand’s most premium and complex. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label is deemed a masterpiece as it combines Scotland’s rare and highest-quality whiskies. The blend of the Blue Label introduces notes of mellow smokiness paired with the sweetness of raisins. The sweet taste of fruits mellow out the harshness of the spirit and is gentle on the nose as well as the palate. It also contains the combinations of velvety vanilla, rose petals, and honey as well as notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, and sherry.

Which Johnnie Walker is the most expensive?

The most expensive Johnnie Walker whisky is the John Walker Masters’ Edition. What makes this liquor so special is it’s the brand’s first 50-year-old blend, and whiskies this old are extremely rare to come by. This liquor is described as being made with six types of rare and “ghost” whiskies that were drawn from ancient distilleries. These distilleries include the Glen Albyn, Glenury Royal, and the only remaining distillery still open today, the Blair Athol located in the Scottish highlands.

The Masters’ Edition also features 3 types of whiskies from “ghost” distilleries, meaning that these places are long gone but stocks of their whiskies are still available. Johnnie Walker used whiskies from ghost distilleries in Cambus, Port Dundas, and Caledonian. The flavour of this 50-year-old whisky is described to be creamy like dark chocolate, rich, and warm with a slight cooling sensation and subtle smokiness.

Which Johnnie Walker label is the best?

The Johnnie Walker Masters’ Edition mentioned above is, of course, the best of the best from this Scottish liquor brand. If you don’t have 25 grand laying around for a bottle of Scotch, you can opt for the next affordable best thing, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Out of all the labels available to the mass public, the Blue Label is considered to be the best.

Why is the Johnnie Walker Blue Label so expensive?

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label is expensive because of its high-quality blend. This specific Johnnie Walker liquor is aimed to recreate the complex flavours of whiskies from the 19th century. The Blue Label is considered one of the most expensive blended Scotch whisky and it has more than 25 special editions. In Malaysia, limited edition Blue Label like the Chinese Zodiac collection is widely popular to be given as a gift during the Chinese New Year. Blue labels are also a common gift on other occasions.

What are some cocktails and mixed drinks I can make with Johnnie Walker?

Some of the most popular drinks to make with your bottle of Johnnie Walker are Highball, Old Fashioned, Sour, Rob Roy, Blood & Sand, Algonquin, Rusty Nail, Bobby Burns, Hot Toddy, Presbyterian, and Godfather. Visit the Johnnie Walker official site for a detailed guide on which cocktail is most suitable to make with your blend of Johnnie Walker as each blend carries its own special flavours and notes.

Can you drink Black Label with Coke?

Black Label with coke is available in every bar. There is really very little that can go wrong in terms of taste when it comes to blending a Johnnie Walker scotch whisky with coke. The contrast of the malt grain against the sweet smooth taste of coke works well for any palate.

How much is a bottle of Johnnie Walker?

The prices of Red Label, Green Label, Blue Label, Gold Label, Platinum Label, and Black Label price in Malaysia vary depending on the liquor. Deluxe labels with deep and complex tastes are much pricier than regular spirits.

Awards for Johnnie Walker Spirits

The Johnnie Walker brand has maintained high results in International spirit rating competitions. The Green Label received a double gold medal three times in a row meanwhile The Gold Label received a double god twice and a gold medal later on between 2005 and 2010 in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The Johnnie Walker Blue, Green, Gold and Black label are in the top tier for the highest ratings on spirits, reviewed by wine enthusiasts and others. The Johnnie Walker brand has also taken part in the Monde Selection's World Quality Selections multiple times and received a Gold and Grand Gold Quality Award.

The different rich varieties of Johnnie Walker scotch whisky available in Malaysia can make any occasion festive. When purchasing Johnnie Walker whiskies, make sure you are 18 years old or older. Muslims are prohibited from purchasing spirits and liquor altogether.