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Tips for Combining & Layering Fragrance with Jo Malone

The Jo Malone perfume line has been regarded as one of the best perfume brands in the world because it boasts tons of varieties to choose from. Yet, you can always combine and layer your own personal fragrance with little help from some of its products. Through this way, you can finally get the ideal fragrance that matches with your personality. In addition, you can develop a number of them so that you do not have to keep wearing the same fragrance. Here are some of the tips and tricks for combining and layering fragrance in order to build your own personal favorite.

Choose the Fragrance that Suits Your Personality

In a world of choices, it is always about tailoring scent that smells exactly like your personality and mood. Since time immemorial, humans have unique relationship with scent because we develop a visceral response to smell. More than just appealing to our noses, the fragrance you wear will be your personal statement.

If you want a energizing scent, you can take citrus. As for the fruity scents like peach, pomegranate, and nectarine, they are playful as well as making the wearer feel more revitalized. Interestingly, the light florals have a dewiness and crispness that reminds you of enchanting and innocent feeling. In other words, this particular scent can conjure a sense of great escapism.

For dramatic feel, the fuller florals like tuberose and jasmine should your preferred choice to emphasize sensuality. When you want to be more assertive and direct, the spices are obviously your confident scents. With woods, it can be quite a tricky affair. The earthy and grounded woods can give you the feeling of reassurance while the smoky ones deliver mysterious scent.

The Power & Potential of Fragrance Combining

While you can develop your own signature scent, you must remember that you do not have to wear the same clothes or eat the same food every day. Similarly, you can apply the same analogy on your selection of scents. When it comes to scents, it is good that you can still have a favorite scent which feels like you. However, you can always try to layer a difference fragrance over it so that it can attain a unique flavor that matches your mood or creates a certain atmosphere. In the evening, you should add a velvet cloak of warmth to make it more dramatic or sensual. The warm season can remind you to add sunshine and brightness into it. At the end of day, you can always put your personal touches into your favorite fragrances.

Sometimes, the clean and crisp fragrance can bring sweet memories of carefree days. Then, you can layer it with woody fragrance in order to make it more dramatic. If you prefer a bit of sensual twist, you can opt for floral notes to create the enchanting scent. The world of scent is full of mysteries that can captivate your sense. With so many unexpected pairings to discover, you will find a fragrance which captures your personality perfectly. At the end of day, you can have the best of both worlds: your own signature scent and its varieties.

How to Layer & Combine Fragrance

Begin with Basics

It is highly recommended that you should start with the basics so that you can easily get a better sense and direction of layering. Basic or single-note fragrances are easiest to start out with because you can learn more about their elements. First, you can start with a body-and-hand wash, it can give an energizing and uplifting start to your day. Then, apply a body cream with ingredients that are going too lock your fragrance onto your skin. Finally, finish your fragrance with a cologne because it is the most dominant scent.

Layering will teach you the fundamentals of crafting textures into your scent. Once you are familiar with them, you can layer multinote perfume successfully. Otherwise, you may end up like something from the generic fragrance section of a department store. If you insist on rushing to layer multinote scents, the results will more likely to disappoint you.

Craft with Care

When it comes to layering, you should start thinking like a baker. In fact, it is similar to baking a cake. Of course, the base cake are your actual cake because they are the starting layer and the strongest part. It is best to utilize something like musks, patchoulis, or woods that can stay on skin past the first hours. In baking language, you need something to hold the frosting despite you think the frosting is the best part of all.

Next, you can move on to do flavoring like the tasty jam or layers between the cake layers. These middle notes will serve well to give your scent with more character. Finally, you have reached the exciting frosting part. In this part, you should put the lightest scents such as citrus, floral, or sweet notes into the mix. Needless to say, it is about getting the right balance of hitting the three layers in your mix. When you manage to get a fairly well-rounded fragrance, you should be glad because your attempt at layering has become successful.

Test Out

Do you know that you can make your fragrance tester strips that you see at the stores? You can create your own by cutting out strips of paper. When it comes to testing your fragrance, all you need to do is to spray the fragrance that you want to layer on each strip and label them. After that, you can gather all of them together in different groupings. From there, you can test and mix until you get the fragrance you love!

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