With so many artists referencing Jimmy Choo in their song lyrics, you best believe that this British luxury fashion and footwear brand always offers the best style of shoes and bags in town. Carrying many shoes and accessories in exclusive designs, Jimmy Choo caters to men and women who seek to mix elegance and modernity. Read the article below to know more about Jimmy Choo Malaysia.

How can you tell fake Jimmy Choos? | Why are Jimmy Choo's goods so expensive? | How do you take care of Jimmy Choo's heels?


The Best Shoe Collection from Jimmy Choo Malaysia

Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo started his luxury footwear company after being recognized and praised by celebrities and royalties, including Lady Di herself. This launched the brand into worldwide fame and it’s no surprise that Jimmy Choo achieved this feat because their shoes are timeless yet innovative. The designs always push the boundaries of fashion trends, perfect for those looking for a little bit of edge. The brand caters to both men and women so gents don’t have to worry about finding the perfect pair of loafers.

Women's Collection

24:7 Icons

The 24:7 Icons collection consists of classic pumps, sandals, and boots with a timeless silhouette. One of the best-selling products is the Romy heels, a pointed-toe shoe with 80 cm heels or 100 cm heels. The Jimmy Choo Romy heels are available in nude colours, solid neutral colours, and a variety of glitter and velvet finishes. Following the Romy, the next few best-selling Jimmy Choo heels from this collection are Lucy, Luna, Evelyn, Billie, Annie, Ivette, Lang, Ren, April, and Lana.

The Cinderella Edit

With the Jimmy Choo Cinderella Edit collection, you can live out all your fairytale dreams. When going to a formal function, a ball, or a wedding, take your gown to the next level with heels and clutches from the Cinderella Edit. What makes the Cinderella Edit so special is that each item is covered with beautiful and glimmering Swarovski crystals with an eye-catching crystal décor on the toe. Even if you’re wearing a plain dress or gown, you won’t need any accessories with the Cinderella Edit Ari heels and the Cloud clutch.

Men Collection

Sports Luxe Edit

You would never think of Jimmy Choo as a sportswear brand but it turns out that they do carry a range of sports apparel and footwear. In the Sports Luxe Edit, you can find trainers, sports bags, and slip on that combine functionality with luxury in a true Jimmy Choo style. The Cash trainers can be worn for tennis or badminton matches and the Lewis is a stylish pair of basketball shoes. Other than that, a sports bag to put your clothes, water bottle, and other necessities are available, coming in different designs like studs, perforated leather, and canvas.

The Essentials

Classic silhouettes are offered in the footwear from The Essentials Collection. In this footwear and accessories line, find brogues, sneakers, loafers, and slip on in solid colours and interesting studded designs. The items from The Essential Collection are perfect to be worn for a weekend at the Hamptons or a meeting with the big bosses. For example, the Penn loafers are a sleek pair of shoes with a combination of suede and leather finishes, perfect for both casual and smart wear.

Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection

Another thing that Jimmy Choo is famous for is its bridal collection. The items here are categorized to cater to the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, guests, groom, and for a honeymoon. The shoes and clutches from this line are extremely beautiful, available in gold or silver finishes. Choose from satin or lace, crystals or glitter on your white or gold heels. Depending on what the style of your bridal gown and groom suit is, Jimmy Choo carries versatile bridal and groom shoes perfect for any style.

Shop for the brand’s exclusive best-selling products like Jimmy Choo shoes, sandals, handbags, and Jimmy Choo perfume, and accessories to complete your wardrobe.

How can you tell fake Jimmy Choos?

To tell whether Jimmy Choo's goods are fake or authentic, you can first check the zipper of the shoes or handbags. Authentic Jimmy Choo's products usually have a gold colour zipper, rectangular-shaped, and have the name "Jimmy Choo" engraved in it. Next, checking the boxes of Jimmy Choo products can also help tell if the high-end fashion goods are authentic or fake. Whether it is accessories, shoes, handbags, or even sandals, authentic Jimmy Choo goods will have the word "London" in a smaller font beneath it. Lastly, to tell if your Jimmy Choos are real or fake, you can tell if it's real or fake by just feeling the leather of your designer goods. Authentic Jimmy Choos leather goods do not crinkle or wrinkle.

Why are Jimmy Choo's goods so expensive?

Jimmy Choo's goods are often priced at a high-end price because of the high-quality materials used to produce the goods such as leather and studs. Aside from that, the price is also expensive because of the brand's name. Jimmy Choo is a high-end brand from London. Thus, this makes the goods expensive because of its name.

How do you take care of Jimmy Choo's heels?

Jimmy Choo uses the highest quality material to produce their goods such as heels and shoes. You surely want to take good care of your designer goods. Here are few ways you could follow to take good care of your Jimmy Choo goods whether it is shoes or handbags:

  • Avoid rain and direct contact with heat, oil, grease (makeup), alcohol (perfume solvents), and other abrasive products
  • Avoid contact with any materials which may transfer their colour pigments onto our products.
  • All materials are sourced for their exceptional quality and are tested extensively prior to sale.
  • Always store your product in the dust bag provided when not in use.