Dressing like the rich and famous may seem impossible. However, it can be accomplished by sporting classy and fashionable clothing from Jill Stuart. They also offer cosmetics and other products to help you achieve a celebrity style and look. Click here to read more.

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How to Dress Like a Star with Jill Stuart Products

It’s normal for people to appreciate celebrities and admire their work. Some follow the style and fashion of their favorite celebs. On the other hand, there are others that opt for extreme means like cosmetic surgery just to look like their adored celeb. But one does not have to take such measures to look like a star. Here are quick yet simple ways to dress like a rich and famous celebrity.

Go for simple, classic outfits

Although celebrities can afford to buy expensive, high-fashion clothes, not all of them always dress in a glitzy way. Some celebrities opt for minimalist designs in their styles. This is because they provide a simple, elegant, and classic appeal to the wearer. An example of this type of dress is the Jill Stuart Long Sleeve Lace Dress. Pair it with minimalist makeup and accessories to create a sophisticated look that will turn heads.

Focus on the fit

There are some celebrities that wear ill-matched clothes on awards shows and A-list events which you should not definitely follow. Always wear outfits that will fit you perfectly and avoid those that don’t fit well regardless of the design. What is a stunning outfit if it can’t flaunt those flattering curves. So, when shopping for clothes, lessen your focus on the color and design but instead concentrate on the fit.

Select fun and colorful accessories

Most popular celebrities wear fun yet stylish pumps, belts, necklaces, and other accessories. These accessories not only complement their outfits but also add a fresh and sophisticated vibe on them.

A pair of classic pumps

If you’re wearing a dress with a minimalist design, complement the look with a pair of pumps like “houndstooth”. This style exudes simplicity and elegance and looks stunning in any kind of setting.

Glam Croc Belt

If you are wearing a wide coat or dress, then cinch it with a glam croc belt. This accessory will add a glamorous vibe to your outfit.

Colorful accessories

Colorful accessories are not just for summer as worn by celebrities. They wear them at any time of the year. The key here is to know what outfit perfectly goes with them. For instance, if you are wearing a dark or blue high-neck dress, then you can pair it with a colorful, beaded bib necklace that is perfect for any season.

Gorgeous Shiny Hair

Almost all celebrities we see on TV and red carpets wield silky, healthy, and gorgeous hair. But we all know for a fact that this was done by a celebrity stylist. Having a sexy, shiny hair like in most celebrities can be accomplished by using the right hair products. Jill Stuart Hair Mask is an effective product that repairs and keeps the essential oils in your hair. It also softens and makes your hair smooth, making it silky.

Look fabulous with makeup

It’s rare for celebrities to look sloppy with their makeup, but even if they do, they still look good because they are naturally good-looking. However, this should not make you complacent, especially if you know that you have some flaws. So, it’s best to have a makeup that is on point.

Just apply enough blush

With Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact, your skin will achieve a natural, healthy glow. Just apply enough on your best areas like your cheeks to accentuate these features. Always apply only a bit of blush and do not overdo it.

Choose a lipstick shade that complements with your outfit

Women wearing red lipstick are such head-turners. This is because, people - especially men, link red with sex appeal and youth according to some psychologists. Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress with a Red High Heels shade offers a cherry red color that invigorates your lips for a youthful appearance. Moreover, you can also try other shades as long as they match your overall style.

Go for smokey eyes

If you’re aiming for gorgeous eyes, then a smokey day look will be your best bet. But be careful in pulling off this look because you might end up looking like a panda. With Jill Stuart Shimmer Couture Eyes, apply just enough shade so that your eyes will achieve just the right eye-popping and classic effect. Choose gray, brown, and peach shades for a natural look.

Radiant Skin

Celebrities sport a healthy, gleaming skin. They do this by using effective skin care products like Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control. This product tightens pores, moisturizes your skin, and has a soothing fragrance that will relax both your mind and skin. You can also try other beauty products, it’s best to go for organic ones because they don’t cause irritation.