Are you in need of a wardrobe overhaul but not interested in the current over the top, Lady Gaga inspired trends that is going around? If you are more of a minimalist individual that desires something simple, pure yet fashion forward, then Jil Sander has just what you need. Known also as the ‘Queen of Less’, Jil Sander created a name for herself with slim cuts and precise tailoring. Find everything you need and more from Jil Sander right here.

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Queen of minimalism

Jil Sander is a fashion house that was started by Heidemarie Jiline “Jil” Sander in1968 at the young age of 24. The brand was a leader of the minimalist movement in the 1990s, something welcomed by many after the flamboyant 80’s era. Some even suggests that Sander's designs inspired and contributed to the empowerment of feminism. She prefers to call her designs pure which became the foundation for all Jil Sander collections.

The Jil Sander label sells all things fashion for those looking for something simple yet in trend. Their offerings range from accessories, bags, coats & jackets, dresses, knitwear, shirts & tops, shoes, skirts, trousers and fragrances. With the use of monochromatic colour palettes and as little seaming and details as possible, it is easy to recognize a signature Jil Sander piece. Although the brand was founded in Hamburg, Germany and flourished in America, it has become a recognized brand worldwide that is known for its shoes, bags and perfume such as their sling back sandals, cardboard clutch and Jil Sander No. 4 perfume. With celebrity wearers of the brand such as Leighton Meester, Coltilde Courau, Gui Lun Mei, Mark Ronson and Nicole Kidman, Jil Sander has created a name for itself as a fashion forward brand.

The magical hands of Raf Simon

After Sander’s departure from the Jil Sander label, Belgian designer, Raf Simon was appointed as creative director in 2005. His consistency in making the most of Jil Sander’s motifs and original minimalistic concept enabled the brand to stay true to its simplistic roots. In April 2014, fashion designer Rodolfo Paglialunga became appointed as Jil Sander’s new creative director. With years of experience as the women’s wear design director in Prada and creative director of Vionnet label, Paglialunga has the right traits and skills to take the Jil Sander brand to new heights whilst at the same time, maintaining its signature sense of style. Paglialunga’s aim is to “…carry forward the fusion between sophistication, luxury and innovation and bring the house to the next level.” Today, the Jil Sander name continues to maintain its focus and heritage through its modern contemporary concepts.

Jil Sander embraces fashion with a secondary focus and always amazes fashion followers through their collections over the years. Raf Simons’ final menswear collection for Jil Sander (Autumn/Winter 2012) featured the iconic cardboard clutch. The clutch available in leather and coated cardboard material in a choice of camel or black colour has become a popular fashion must have piece for many. It has been flying off the shelves since its release in stores. This sandwich bag shaped clutch is the epitome of a simple design bringing wearers to their childhood days, a more simple time in their lives. The design was also inspired from the Mc Donalds takeaway bag which challenged fashion in a world of materialistic needs and expensive designer bags making the cardboard clutch a very daring piece of designer fashion.

Taking simple designs to a whole new level

Jil Sander’s latest fall/winter 2015 collection is the first collection by newly appointed creative director Rodolfo Paglialunga for the brand. The line consists of muted palettes and boxy, tapered silhouettes for the menswear. The various items featured included trench, military and fur coats as well as collared long sleeves, turtlenecks and various pant cuts among others. The single tone pieces gave the fashion line depth and masculinity- appropriate for the modern man.

The women’s fall/winter 2015 collection also features sleek coats, blazers and dresses to name a few. The use of navy colours with a touch of toned down secondary colours exudes a sense of seriousness yet at the same time some excitement to the simple fashion pieces. The collection is appropriate for any classy woman serious about fashion. The collection also showcases Paglialunga's understanding of aesthetics of women's body shapes through his geometric designs such as elongated suits elegantly made for women.

Uniqlo X Jil Sander

Remember back in 2009 when the greatest news that you heard was the collaboration of the year between Uniqlo and Jil Sander? Remember how crazy people were for the +J that brought Jil Sander out of her retirement when it debuted in 2009? Of course you, because this is the best collaboration Uniqlo has ever done. Unfortunately, the collaboration came to an end in 2011. But hold on to your horses for Uniqlo has revived some of the popular designs from the +J collection despite ending their contract 4 years ago.

The ‘Best Of’range that was released in September 2014 features some favourite pieces that were designed but Uniqlo and Jil Sander. Some of the fabrics used in the original collection back in 2009 such as the wool for outerwear, cotton for shirts and premium down for padded jackets has also made their way back to conquer your hearts.

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