Finding the right pair of shoes can be daunting. The most beautiful shoes look gorgeous but they can be a pain to wear. The most comfortables feel amazing but they can be an eyesore. As of the emerging lifestyle brands in Southeast Asia, Jelly Bunny Malaysia is bridging that impossible gap with their cute and comfortable shoes.


Your Guide to Comfortable Shoes With Jelly Bunny

Jelly Bunny is a Bangkok-based fun lifestyle brand that sells candy-coloured handbags, wallets, and shoes. Founded in 2011, Jelly Bunny has expanded rapidly to other neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. What sets them apart from other shoemakers is their unique blend of PVC and silicone. Most users know them for their cute, colourful, and comfortable shoes.

Jelly Bunny Shoes

When people think about women’s shoes, they usually imagine high heels with faux leather, hard plastic stilettos, and flats. While these appear pretty, they can be unpleasant to wear all day. Jelly Bunny took a different approach. Understanding how painful women’s shoes can be, Jelly Bunny made their shoes out of a unique blend of soft, high-quality and eco-friendly Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and silicone material that provides a lot of flexibility and comfort.

This unique texture makes the walk more enjoyable and many reviewers have said it feels like walking on air because of their cushion base. Plus, the materials used are non-toxic and easy-to-clean as well. Along with some cute ornaments and various hues are pleasing to the eyes, the soft jelly-like texture feels one of a kind. Not to mention, they also incorporate a sweet vanilla scent into their shoes.

Comfy Shoes for Everyday Life

You have the perfect wardrobe. You pick the perfect outfit. You get ready for the day. Now, it’s time to pick the right shoes for your outfit. Knowing that you will be out all day, you hesitate to wear those pumps and stilettos. You go with your most comfortable pair of black flats. They’re safe, you tell yourself. If only, there are flats as comfortable as mine but more stylish. Well, Jelly Bunny has just that.

Metallic Honey, Moca Sand, Rose Glitter - the choices are endless. A great stylish pair of flats will allow you to walk in the office and around town seamlessly. For the days of absolute comfort, Jelly Bunny slippers can do the trick during long commutes to and from work. For the days you want something a little different, show the world your Jelly Bunny sandals - more sophisticated than a slipper and less formal than a flat.

More Than Just Shoes

Not to be undone, Jelly Bunny has an accompanying line of equally beautiful and chic bags and wallets. Their matching bags and wallets are made from the same durable and easy-to-clean PVC and silicone materials. So easy to clean that all you need is soap and water.

How are Jelly Bunny Malaysia prices?

If you Google and look for blogger reviews, most of them say that Jelly Bunny is comfy and cheap, especially during sales season (sometimes up to 80% off!). Compared to other similar brands, customers say these are value-for-money and stylish at the same time.

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