Ever wanted to buy new scarfs for your hijab but too lazy to leave home? Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to pick and choose from the vast variety of hijabs at the stores? Tudung Online Jelitasara is your one-stop shop for all things headscarf or Muslim-apparels related. Find out more by clicking here.


Jelitasara Malaysia – Muslimah #OOTD in 3 Easy Steps

Jelitasara is your number one choice in Malaysia when it comes to shopping for tudung, or hijab, online. They will fulfill all your headscarf needs without you leaving the comfort of your home and office. Initially started as a small online business, Jelitasara grew slowly and surely. Jelitasara then began running the business through boutique operations as well. Jelitasara even offers the opportunity to be an authorized dealer or an agent, where you can purchase their items in bulks and resell it from your home, stalls, or your own online shop.

Bring out your spirituality with Jelitasara Malaysia

Choosing Jelitasara Malaysia products can make the transition to Muslimah dressing easy. If you’ve been dressing Muslimah for a while, then their product is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Jelitasara Malaysia has an array of products besides tudungs, from apparels to fragrances that you can choose from.

Keep your hijab stylish

With the variety of Jelitasara’s tudungs, there are limitless options when it comes to styling your hijab. They offer cotton and silk long shawl, printed instant shawl, and the square scarf. You can switch up the style depending on your face-shape, outfit and event. Follow the tips below to vary your hijab.

  • Give volume – Just like hair, no Muslim women want a limp and lifeless hijab. To add volume, you can either add ruffles by wrapping the ends of your scarf around the length of your head or wrap it in a turban style.
  • Braids for the creative ones – When you run out of ways to style your hijab, try to braid the ends of your headscarf. You may not style your hair but you can certainly braid your tudung. To add a side braid, after securing it to your head wrap the scarf around the length of your head, and with the remaining end parts, create a braid.
  • Add a headpiece – Wanna go all out with your hijab? When wearing a pair of bold earrings is not enough, why not add a headpiece? A headpiece is perfect for a party or a wedding. You can even wear it to Eid celebrations. You and your hijab will surely stand out from the crowd.

Easily cover your awrah

In Islam, it is imperative for a woman to appropriately cover their awrah. Awrah refers to the intimate parts of the body that must be covered by clothing. These areas start from the ankles to the wrists and the neck and hair. Besides their top selling headscarves, Jelitasara online also offers a series of pants and Muslim dresses or baju kurung. Baju kurung traditionally comes in two pieces: a long-sleeve blouse and an ankle-length skirt.

It is often so easy to look drab and dull when wearing a baju kurung, as it’s considered to a traditional Malay costume. However, being traditional, modest, and holy, especially to young, Muslim women, doesn’t always mean one must wear boring outfits. Here’s how to pair up your Jelitasara Muslim dress while showcasing the personality:

Find a design that’s right for you

Wearing traditional dresses doesn’t always mean you have to blindly choose the same, old kurung pesak buluh or kurung pesak gantung. Some designs are more flattering to one’s body type than others. Especially with Muslim dresses, the silhouette are usually the same; loose and straight, without any fitting parts to show any curvatures of the body. With this in mind, it might be hard to look for a flattering baju kurung. However, there are ways to avoid an unattractive Muslim dress outfit.

Find a pattern or design that will compliment your body type. For the curvier ladies, for example, the peplum style is a great addition for your baju kurung outfits, and at the same time, steer clear from horizontal stripes. You can even add a slight mermaid-style skirt to your baju kurung to enhance your figure.

Mix and match the colors and fabrics

The typical baju kurung usually comes in a floral pattern. This can sometimes be outdated, so choosing and mixing the right colors and fabrics can modernize your Muslim dress. Monochromatic dresses are extremely elegant, and your dress will appear sophisticated and expensive. Bold colors are also great, especially when paired with eye-catching details or embroideries.

Accessorize your Muslim dress

Adding accessories can elevate any outfits, and the same goes for Muslim dresses. Maybe choose the classic dokoh, a traditional neckpiece with three golden plates attached to the same string, or you can even add a striking belt to accentuate your figure without showing too much curvatures. Pair your outfit with a clutch and a graceful pair of heels or comfy flats, you and your baju kurung ensemble are ready to step out into the world.

Achieve a heavenly scent

Complete your Jelitasara ensemble with one of their perfumes. The perfumes come in two different scents: In Love and The Fabulous. In Love and The Fabulous are described as having a mysterious scent with a touch of aromatic fantasy. They contain patchouli alcohol, azulene, and ambroxan. They are 100% halal, microorganism and heavy metals free, and full of vitamin C.

Begin your journey towards a stylish Muslimah fashion with Jelitasara Malaysia. With the tips above, you can never run out of ways to look fabulous while modest at the same time. Start shopping for discounted products from Jelitasara Malaysia here at iprice.

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