Jansport is a brand that is no stranger to the fashion industry when it comes to backpacks. No matter what you want, Jansport can fit all your need in their large range of products.


Jansport Malaysia: The Iconic Bag You Carry Since 1967

Jansport first came into existence thank to a designing competition that was sponsored by the Alcoa aluminium company. The winner of the competition was an industrial design student who designed a backpack using aluminium in its flexible frame. The winner, Murray Pletz used the prize money and together with his cousin, Skip Lowell fulfilled their dream of opening their very own backpack business. But to be in the backpack business, one must know how to sew a bag and when neither of them knew how to hold a needle, Pletz offered his girlfriend an offer that she can never ever refuse, to marry her and name the company after her. And that is how Jansport got its name.

Together, they created bags that focus on comfort and functionality and products that people could count on, through adventure and exploration. Later on when Pletz left the company, Lewis and Yowell continued to uphold the name of the company. When they created a backpack specifically for the Himalayan expedition back in 1972, they gained more fame than they could ever imagine. Even after being under different managements, today, Jansport is one of the best companies that centers around quality, comfort and functionality. What started off in an old transmission repair building is now a brand that has global presence and is known for their backpacks, outdoor accessories and collegiate apparels.

The best of Jansport

A Jansport backpack is the product that is used by many individuals on a daily basis. Students, professionals, teachers, travelers and just everyone else use backpacks to carry around their personal belongings everywhere. Their bags come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, targeted for men, women and not forgetting children. Out of all their game changing backpacks, here are 3 bags that captured the hearts of many individuals.


If you are looking for a bag for everyday use, something that is light, spacious and durable, then SuperBreak is the bag for you. With a weight of only 0.3kg, this bag is as light as feather, keeping the load on your back as light as possible. This backpack is dipped in many different colors, patterns and prints that will surely suit your personality. No matter if you are looking for a zebra print or different shades of rainbow, Jansport gives you the freedom to customize the appearance of your bag.


Perfect for school or for a casual travel, the Hoffman backpack offers timeless beauty and reliable storage. Weighing in at only 0.4kg, this bag is made from durable cotton canvas fabric and features a classic rounded design. It also comes in many different colors so no matter what your favorite color is, you can be assured that Jansport has it. What make this bag special is its two separate front compartments for people who like to keep their belongings organized. For added comfort, the Hoffman is designed with padded back panel and padded shoulder strap.

Driver 8

If you are always on the move, then the Driver 8 is designed especially for you. The Jansport Driver 8 is designed with a retractable two-stage handle, skate wheels and hide-away back straps that make the process of converting this backpack to a rolling backpack as easy as possible. This bag also features a front utility pocket with organizer, side water bottle pocket and a front stash pocket to keep your things organized. For added comfort, this bag also has a fully padded back panel and grap handle. So no matter if you are moving from class to class, door to door, or from meeting to meeting, the Driver 8 allows you to move around with ease.