When it comes to preparing the easiest yet delicious, mouth-watering meal in a short time, Jamie Oliver is your man. Known as the Naked Chef, he takes whatever ingredients that can be found around his kitchen and turns them into a magical dish. Now you can bring your dishes to Jamie’s level not only with his recipes but also with his kitchenware and homeware.


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Jamie Oliver - The man of many talents

Born on May 27, 1975, Jamie Oliver is a British chef that was inspired to change the way we look at food when he worked in his parent’s restaurant, thus influencing this career path. At the age of 16, he gained his knowledge in culinary at Westminister Catering College. He obtained valuable experience from working in several reputable restaurants before entering the world of entertainment where he was more commonly known as the Naked Chef. Multiple cookbook publications and restaurant openings followed. As a concerned father himself, he started a movement championing healthier eating for school children in the U.S and the U.K. Today, you can bring Jamie Oliver’s cooking to your own kitchen using his amazing tools homeware, kitchenware and even cookware.

“What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing and I find that there is always something new.” –Jamie Oliver

Cook to perfection with Jamie Oliver

Fill your kitchen up with Jamie Oliver’s extensive range of homeware that takes your cooking to a whole new level. As one of London’s top chefs, Jamie not only cooks to perfection but also uses only the best cooking gears available.

Tefal Pans by Jamie Oliver

Having the right kit makes your life way easier in the kitchen. The pans in Jamie’s Tefal collection are designed to give you the utmost quality cooking experience with excellent results every time. Having collaborated for 10 strong years, Jamie’s relationship with Tefal is grounded on bringing excellent, professional quality pans into your kitchen with added features like the signature Thermo Spot, these two make cooking a total delight.


Dishes that are attractive in design deserve attention when it comes to serving for they play an important role in food presentation. Jamie’s Tabletop products allow you to serve, eat and drink in style. Simple, practical and gorgeous, the collection makes eating a pure pleasure. Think about beautiful dishes to take your appetising pasta to the table, Tabletop allows you to choose from vintage inspired plates to dish up and lovely textiles to keep things interesting and clean.

Kitchen Kit

If you are always having trouble locating the perfect fish slicing knife or getting the correct measurement for your cakes, then Jamie’s kitchen kit is created just for you. Lending you a helping hand with all kinds of prepping task, from easy, fast peelers to top quality knives for chopping, slicing and even dicing. His measuring equipment allows you to get your tasty recipes as perfect as possible while the salt and pepper mills makes seasoning your dishes a breeze.


Cooking outside while enjoying the beautiful nature and the cool breeze is one of life’s greatest pleasure and the tempting, smoky flavour that you get from barbecuing is second to none. Jamie’s barbeque pits that work on gas and charcoal separately range from mini bucket versions that are perfect for picnics in the park to serious mean pits that take outdoor grilling to the next level. Available in variety of colours, get ready for hot, perfectly grilled, juicy perfection every time.

Outdoor Ovens

Just like the ancient time, fire wood cooking is the real deal now as it enhances your taste buds and gives your food more flavour. The authentically made outdoor oven by Jamie Oliver is the next big thing in the cookware industry. Not only are they perfect for your delicious pizza and soft, crisp bread, but wood-fired cooking gives you an experience like no other. These ovens bring family and friends closer together to celebrate awesome home-cooked food.

5 kitchen gadgets you surely need

No matter if you’re hosting a dinner party or cooking up a speedy meal for your family, you are going to need the right tools. So, as a helping hand, we have compiled a list of the top 5 kitchen gadgets that are essential to every household.

  1. Pestle &Mortar
  2. This two-piece equipment which is widely used today dates back to around 35, 000 BC. It is a traditional grinding set that is used to mix fresh herbs, spices, nuts and seeds into fine powders and pastes. Using a pestle to crush allows the fresh flavours and oils be extracted from their natural components which is ideal when making delightful curry pastes and grinded, mixed spices.
  3. Microplane
  4. Instead of tearing or shredding your cheese for your pasta, the microplane allows you to grate super-fine pieces, conserving the aroma and adding more flavour to your food. With tiny razor-like cutting edges, it is perfect for zesting citrus fruits, and finely grating things like garlic or ginger.
  5. Speed Peeler
  6. You will never look back to the days where you have slice everything using a knife once you’ve speed-peeled your way through your vegetable preparation. Other than allowing you to peel vegetable quickly and easily, the Speed Peeler is perfect for shaving cheese straight into your pasta dishes or chocolates unto beautiful cakes.
  7. Mandolin
  8. Though a mandolin might take up part of your savings, investing in one will go a long way in saving your precious time. This simple and versatile tool slices vegetables quickly and uniformly, giving your dish a more polished and professional look that no knives can offer. Just make sure to keep your guard when you are using a Mandolin.
  9. Crinkle cutter
  10. This cutting tool with wavy-edge is a new fun way to prepare salads, potatoes and vegetables. With the crinkle cutter, you never have to force vegetables down your kid’s throat again for the attractive looking greens will do it for you without any hassle.

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