Jakel is one of the trusted Muslimah wear brands in the country. Whenever Hari Raya comes around, Malaysians can rely on Jakel to provide them with high-quality baju Melayu, baju kurung, and more. Read more about and what they can offer below.


Jakel Malaysia: The Nation’s Go-To Modest Wear Brand

Jakel began in 1983 when Mohamed Jakel Bin Ahmad opened a textile shop in Muar, Johor. Now, not only does the brand sell textiles, but it’s also mainly known for its wide range of ready-to-wear modest wear. Jakel carries high-quality clothing that is affordable and accessible to all.

What does Jakel offer?

Jakel offers a myriad of Muslimah wear for men, women, and children. For the men, expect to find high-quality baju Melayu and kurta. Baju Melayu for men is divided into three types: Aaron Aziz, Awal Ashaari, and Hairul Azreen. Jakel also has a special plus-size line for men called Plus Size Shuk by Jakel.

For the ladies, Jakel mainly offers baju kurung that are divided into two series: Baju Kurung by Jakel, and Ayda Jebat. These baju kurung are stylish, trendy, yet still uphold a modest silhouette, appropriate for Raya celebrations.

Boys and girls can also enjoy Jakel attires. For the little guys, there are three baju Melayu available: Upin Ipin, Yusuf Iskandar C/M, and Yusuf Iskandar 1 Button (B). For the girls, the available baju kurung are Ayda Jebat, Hanis Zalikha, and Baju Kurung by Jakel. Aside from clothing, Jakel also has accessories that can elevate your Muslimah wear to the next level.

Where can I buy Jakel products?

You can buy modest wear from Jakel through their official website. Alternatively, Lazada and Shopee offer a variety of Jakel products on their site. Check out the Jakel sale to get your baju Raya for the year!