When it comes to exceptional outdoor equipment and clothing, Jack Wolfskin endeavors to make you feel at home while at outdoors. Read more about Jack Wolfskin Malaysia here.


Jack Wolfskin Malaysia - The World Is Out There, Waiting For You To Discover It

Proudly producing specialized outdoor clothing and gear, Jack Wolfskin is considered as one of the largest suppliers of outdoor products in Europe. Not just that, Jack Wolfskin also emerges as one of the successful franchiser in this German specialist market of outdoor equipment, a niche market itself. The success of Jack Wolfskin lies in the fact that its products are very popular and sought-after among hikers, mountaineers, outdoor enthusiasts and others. Thanks to its innovative approach in designing and marketing its products, Jack Wolfskin products combine best worlds of both fun and functionality at the same time.

Jack Wolfskin emphasizes the wonderful yet rare quality of making you to feel at home even you are at outdoors. In short, people just love Jack Wolfskin products because they embody style, comfort and functionality at the same time. At the end of day, Jack Wolfskin wants you to discover the mystery and beauty of nature. Wherever you go, Jack Wolfskin definitely boasts everything that you need in ensuring you to feel at home while at outdoors.

History Of Jack Wolfskin Malaysia - How It Became Germany's Favourite Outdoor Brand

The renowned outdoor clothing and gear brand, Jack Wolfskin, was founded by the highly entrepreneurial Ulrich Dausien who was also passionate in outdoor activities. Back in 1979, SINE was his first company that was founded to handle the import of hiking and travel gear in Frankfurt. After several successes in selling its outdoor products in just two years, Ulrich Dausien established Jack Wolfskin as a trademark of his company, SINE, in Frankfurt. However, the name, Jack Wolfskin, was not just a random name as there was a cool story behind such name.

Legend Of Jack Wolfskin

In 1981, Ulrich Dausien saw a injured bear on his Alaskan trip. The scar over the bear's left eye still remained as a powerful memory to him until this day. While searching for a perfect name for his upcoming brand name for his products, his last Alaskan trip was still very vivid in his mind. However, the bear's paw also reminded him of wolf's paw as well. From there, he built upon his imagery of wolf's paw with wolfskin instead. As for the name, "Jack", he would love to use the Jack London, a noted writer. When he realized that it would be expensive for him to use as brand name, he took Jack instead. Needless to say, the outcome was Jack Wolfskin and it was about to make its debut in the market.

The new Jack Wolfskin jacket played the important role of fueling the success of Jack Wolfskin as a brand around the world. Encouraged and inspired by the success of Jack Wolfskin, Ulrich Dausien eventually dropped out from his studies so that he can concentrate fully in managing and organizing the business. In fact, Ulrich Dausien even went as far as separating Jack Wolf Skin from its parent company. Cemented by the opening of its first store in 1993, Jack Wolfskin immediately grew to be more popular than ever as people really enjoyed its outdoor products. Even now, the legendary prowess of Jack Wolfskin still continues to this day.

Jack Wolfskin Malaysia - At Home, Outdoors

Draussen zu hause - Home, The Only Comfort That You Need

Like its slogan in German, Jack Wolfskin believes that the best form of comfort is the one that you feel at home. In order to achieve such level of comfort in designing its products, Jack Wolfskin pays such high attention in making sure that each of its products is able to achieve the level of comfort, functionality and style. It sets stringent requirement or checklist before releasing its products to be sold. With that objective in mind, Jack Wolfskin is motivated in developing and designing its products so that its customers can enjoy a totally refreshed experience. In fact, Jack Wolfskin dares to say that there is no detail that is small enough for it to improve.

At the end of day, a successful product is the one that sums up better user-experience in total. The same can be said for Jack Wolfskin products as they are simply reliable and last long at the same time. In other words, you are getting amazing gear that proves better value for money as you do not have to keep on spending in getting new gear. Aside from emphasizing durability, Jack Wolfskin is also synonymous with style and fashion as its products are being praised by the urban youths for being fasionable. Ultimately, Jack Wolfskin is all about promoting the passion of participating in outdoor activites.

Popular Jack Wolfskin Malaysia Products That Redefine Your Outdoor Experience

Jack Wolfskin Clothing

From the simple t-shirts to jackets and coats, Jack Wolfskin clothing boasts everything that you need when going to places with different climates. Not only that, some of these Jack Wolfskin clothes are designed specifically to deal with certain weather situations while proving amazing levels of comfort that make you feel at home. Isn't it amazing that you feel at ease while braving through areas with adverse conditions? With such high quality clothing that does not get torn or damaged easily by weather and other elements, Jack Wolfskin clothing is definitely up for any challenge.

Jack Wolfskin Bags

As ubiquitous as bags are, Jack Wolfskin Bags are still counted as one of the best bags that you can bring in your outdoor activities. Whether you are going for a climb or hike, Jack Wolfskin always provides the best solution for you to enjoy your activity. Being well-designed, Jack Wolfskin bags are not just only beautiful but also being able to maximize spaces in minimal designs. In short, you get to carry a lot of essential items in your bags without getting bigger bags. As such, they are your true companions that will stand by you, no matter you go.

Embark On An Adventure Of A Lifetime With Jack Wolfskin Malaysia

As the vastness of nature continues to attract us, take a deep breath and walk slowly while admire the beauty and wonder of nature. This is the desire of Jack Wolfskin which wants you to embark on an epic journey of discovering the nature in your own comfort that is brought by Jack Wolfskin. An adventure of a lifetime with Jack Wolfskin awaits!