Jabra is one of the world's leading manufacturers of headsets. They produce many different types of headsets for different uses, from the consumer end such as a Bluetooth headset while driving, music listening headsets, and all the way up to speakerphones for conference calls. With a long history in producing hearing aids, Jabra has the highest of quality when it comes to their headsets.


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Jabra Malaysia, giving you the convenience of communication without wires.

Jabra's roots

Jabra began in Denmark in 1869. It was first established as the Great Nothern Telegraph Company (GN) in 1869 by C.F. Tietgen. Tietgen originally planned to take advantage of Denmark's strategic location to create lines for telegraph to connect France and Great Britain with Russia and Eastern Asia. Following that over the next 100 years, GN has expanded their reach of telegraph lines, including covering the reaches of Nothern Europe to Japan and Malaysia. By 1907, GN was one of the leading telegraph companies of its time, with a network consisting of 15,600 km of cables.

However, the company's change towards headset only started when they acquired a Danish hearing aid producer, Davanox. Later on, Davanox's products - hearing aids and headsets - would later on be sold under the subsidiary name of GN Netcom, this would help the company see a rise in sales.

In 2000, GN Netcom would then acquire Jabra, the American manufacturer of mobile hands-free device. The Jabra we know today carries a variety of products not only hands-free devices, and this is because the GN Netcom headsets and headphones are now all globally marketed un der the Jabra brand, which has now become a global brand for headsets worldwide.

Why should I use Jabra headsets at all?

Take a step back and ask yourself why do you need a headset? Are you a business that does a lot of communicating with customers or even internal communication. Are you a person who takes a lot of calls and travel at the same time? If yes to all these and more, then Jabra is suitable for you because:

  • Jabra headsets provide excellent sound quality., ensuring both your music and other audio come in clear and crisp.
  • Jabra's microphones pick up less background noise and provide superior clarity - less "What?" and more "I understand."
  • Superior wireless technology from Jabra ensures that your wireless headphones' audio is clear and constant - no more dropped audio in your calls or music.
  • Jabra headsets are compatible with all major Unified Communication platforms such as Cisco.
  • Jabra in-car loudspeakers are loud and clear, enabling drivers to properly their phone calls and speak back in simple clarity - no need to shout at your phone anymore, just take it easy with Jabra loudspeakers for cars.

    Jabra Malaysia Products

    Jabra is one of the world's leading headset manufacturers in the world. They produce the best Blueooth headsets, wireless headsets and also wired headsets for their different customer bases. Although the first catered mainly towards businesses which needed headsets, later on Jabra expanded their products to also cater to the more casual consumer market who use wireless headphones and earphones for music listening.

    Jabra Bluetooth headsets

    With Jabra's Bluetooth headsets, everyone can truly enjoy freedom from cables when taking their phone calls. If you are always on the phone while you are driving, there is no doubt that you will have found the cables of your old headset to be a big hassle and a bother to deal with. Situations like that calls for some quality Jabra Bluetooth headset.

    • Jabra Steel: If you are a person who works a lot in dangerous places such as a construction site or in high places, the Jabra Steel will a very suitable partner when the need for a phone call arises. Its dust, water, and shock resistance, added with the Jabra Steel's industrial design, this is Jabra's toughest Bluetooth headset yet. So keep your phone safe in your pocket and just bring out the Jabra steel.
    • Jaara Halo Fusion: Find owning several different headsets a big hassle in your life? Say hello to the Jabra Halo Fusion, one headset for your calls and your music. Built-in controls allow the Jabra Halo Fusion to control your music and calls directly, so you will never have to reach down to grab your phone. The Jabra Halo Fusion's convenient neckband design also places the earbuds within easy reach, so no more tangling cables - just hang these on your ears and pop them in when you're in the mood for some music. Jabra's high quality sound is also here by bringing you crisp sound and immense detail in your music and your calls.

      Jabra Speakerphones

      Ever wanted a superior audio solution for mass conference calls inside a meeting room? Or to make that phone call in your car without the use of any type of headset. They give handsfree capabilities to the users in both the car and office. It can also act as a portable speaker for any audio such as your music.

      Jabra Drive

      A speakerphone that connects to your car's sun-visor so that it will not get in the way and not block your view. You can also connect up to two different devices at the same time so you do not have to go through the hassles of switching the different pairings if you have two different phones. The Jabra drive can also stream GPS directions to you while you drive, saving you the hassle of looking at a display so that you can properly concentrate on the road while you drive.

      Jabra Speak 510

        So if you are looking for headsets for you to use on your job, or just for music listening, Jabra is definitely a solid choice with their quality and reliability. Want to hold more efficient conference calls with your team across a distance? Jabra's speakerphones are probably one of the best choices in the market.