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Ivenet Bebe Finger Rice Snack With Lentil 30g (Red)
RM 17.60 RM 20.70

EXP 2019 APR 11 For Baby 7 months+, 30g, Puff Type, Soft texture that melt easily •Lentil bean with Iron, Zinc, Calcium •Nutrient finger food type rice snack used Korean organic brown rice, fruits, Vegetables, grain lentil bean •Natural nutritional snack with no wheat flour, sugar, salt, combined congener Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice(Korean)92%, Lentil(Australian)5%, Strawberry Powder(Korean), Beet Powder(Korean), Cranberry Powder(USA) Suggested Use: Keep in a cool, well ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity place. Please consume as soon as possible after opening package. Warnings: Adult should watch until your baby is finishing eating before swallowing. Serve water or barley tea before and after eating snacks. Be sure to check whether your baby has any allergic reactions with this snack. IVENET is born by adding mom's love pursuing baby's health and happiness to mom's lofty and devotion for her baby who is the most valuable in the world. Pure mind being begun in the mom's womb and smart and wise mind of a mom thinking about even a single drop of water. With corporate philosophy pursuing health and happy world, IVENET will concentrate its efforts on customer satisfaction and the best products recognized by customers. Always wishing health and best of luck, IVENET promises to create a new chapter in food industry as a company recognized by all our customers in the future. #ivenet #puffs #babyfood #snack #cookies

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Ivenet Bebe Organic Seaweed Laver 4g*4 packs
RM 14.80

Exp: 13 Sept 2019 For Baby 12 months+ Korean mineral sea seed laver Seaweed laver exclusively for young kids selected in an area with clean air and water Adapting to the tastes of baby. Lowering sodium content, it suits for baby’s taste. Ingredients to count on. Using organic sea weed laver, organic canola oil, DHA, seaweed calcium, even L.citreum salt, all those ingredients only for baby Safety and Hygiene. You can feed with an easy mind thanks to IVENET exclusive safe process IVENET Brand. Sea weed laver exclusively for young children made with mom’s heart by IVENET having motto ‘purism’ for baby food. Organic soft sea weed laver Using Korean premium organic mineral sea weed laver without acid treatment Using L.citreum salt, it’s not salty and great for your stomach. Containing seaweed calcium, DHA, It promotes development of brain and bone. Even oil is organic! Using canola oil obtained organic certification - Selecting organic sea weed growing in an area with clean air and water. - Using Korean native laver cultivated without acid treatment - Applying a coat of organic canola oil and baking makes it more aromatic. Organic processed food certification number What is Organic processed food certification system? Concerning processed food which does not contain chemicals and unapproved food additives, using organic ingredients, it’s certified passing through strict audit on manufacturing equipment, process, control of raw materials etc. Besides, after certification, follow up control is done without prior notice. Fortifying calcium and DHA for baby’s well balanced nutrition! Adding DHA which is good for brain and seaweed calcium helping to develop bones. “Helping to develop bones and teeth, Fortifying seaweed calcium which is good for internal resorption, Fortifying DHA which helps brain development.” Using L.citreum salt for children! Thinking of our children, salt with Lactobacillus kimchii is used, so it’s not salty but adds taste to laver. What is ‘L.citreum Salt’? Korean native Lactobacillus separated from Traditional Kimjang Kimchii. The salt made by coating technique on salt after cultivating L.citreum lactobacillus which gives taste kimjang kimchii. Containing beneficial metabolite of Lactobacillus(GABA, amino acid, peptide, vitamin, organic acids etc) Improving flavor of various dishes and food Hygienic salt without impurities

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To suit your home, most Ivenet Groceries are manufactured with either Red and Black colors. Amazingly, you can get a discount of up to 36% when you purchase Ivenet Groceries online! You can find popular Ivenet Groceries, such as Bebe Finger Yogurt (Strawberry) (Exp: 19/2/2019), Bebe Finger Yogurt (Blueberry) (Exp: 24/2/2019) and Bebe Finger Yogurt (Banana) (Exp: 14/2/2019). Are you looking for Ivenet Groceries? You can find good products not only from Ivenet Groceries but also from louis will, NOW Foods and 0EM. Can you believe that Ivenet Groceries is only worth RM 10.00 - RM 56.00 on iPrice Malaysia?  You can find several types of Ivenet Groceries online: Food Cupboard and Bakery choose the one that suits your needs.