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Invicta is no stranger to the watch collectors as the brand has engraved its name on the map of watch makers since 1837. Ace the time with your chosen Invicta watch from iprice now.

Invicta watches withstand the test of time like no other

The brand Invicta stands for innovative technology in the watch making industry. It’s been releasing countless of editions and models with ultra-high quality material and complex mechanism. Every single timepiece that bears the name Invicta instantly ensures advanced watch technical finish on top of impeccable design. An Invicta watch is indeed the best companion in your life to keep the time more effectively.

One of the best values that Invicta offers to its customers is the splendid sense of styles that can satisfy all tastes. From extravagant gold embellishment to world-class mechanical engineering showcase on a stylist design, you will definitely become an envy of the world wherever you go with an Invicta watch on your wrist.

Furthermore, the brand always prioritises the durability of its product under all conditions. You can have your watch on at anytime, anywhere even at the beach! Invicta is not trying to win any game, because it has no competitors! Be the pioneer of your own field with Invicta.

5 most popular Invicta collections in Malaysia

Now that you have fallen in love with the grandiose appearance and quality of Invicta, it’s time to find the most suitable watch to adorn your style. Check out the top most sought-after Invicta watches below.

The Invicta Wildflower Chrono

Feminine and courageous at the same time, the Wildflower Chrono collection gives every lady that desirable look without her trying too much. The watch is a true attention seeker but its actual charm is reflected through the style spirit of the woman who wear it. With a classic touch of diamonds, gemstones and crafted dials, the Wildflower Chrono has everything a woman needs to shine bright on her own.

The Invicta Vintage Bomber

There is nothing that can compared to the exquisite beauty of a timeless watch design. You can now re-live the rich heritage of the Invicta brand with its Vintage collection with watches that go beyond the definition of a timepiece. Each Vintage model features the unique IV logo that was created since 1837 on its face besides the sleek adornment of the antique dials and fine leather or stainless steel strap.

The Invicta Speedway

Finding a watch that is sophisticated in design without compromising the functional factor, especially to the athletes and sport enthusiasts is not an easy task. Thankfully you’ve had Invicta’s Speedway collection to rely on. This watch model is capable of 200m under water resistance and featured an impressive screw-down case running on the world-class Swiss chronograph movements.

The Invicta Bolt Zeus Tria Reserve

Invicta’s Bolt collection is designed with serious style in mind. You can expect the best mechanical engine underneath a magnificent finish that adds extra class to your appearance. The brand’s signature bezel finish with rope jewellery embellishment will cast a spell on any passer-by. The collection is created for both men and women.

The Invicta Angel Diamond

When it comes to designing watches for the ladies, there is always one thing that can bring joy to them – diamond. Move away from the edgy and tough design as seen on most collections, the Angel Diamond offers nothing but elegance and class. Every smallest detail on an Angel watch is crafted by the hand of an angel to give it an ethereal style.

Define your style and be the master of time with Invicta!