A watch is more than just a time telling machine, it is about class, your personality and an anchor to your outfit; this is exactly what Invicta offers their customers - the finest watches in the market. A company that centres around supreme quality and meticulous art, an Invicta watch is the ultimate choice to those who are detail oriented. Stock up your watch collection with Invicta’s finest watches below.

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The Finest Watches from Invicta Malaysia

Time pieces are more than just an accessory. It is a component meant to complement your outfit, but stands out from the rest. Whether you are an avid watch collector or simply looking for shopping options, you can never go wrong with an invicta watch. It is a brand tested by time, producing quality watches since 1837. Their watch-making process had remained unchanged, producing quality watches for patrons around the globe.

Invicta since 1837

Invicta was founded by Raphael Picard in 1837 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland with the belief that the finest watches can be sold for modest prices. The Picard family was known for owning and operating the company behind Swiss mechanical timepieces until the quartz movement in the 70s. After the revolution, the brand was reestablished in 1990 and by 1991, it was then acquired by an American-based investment company and continued its mission to provide excellent time pieces for a reasonable amount. The brand’s core virtue attracted many watch-lovers and patrons from across the globe, securing its position as one of the best watches in the industry.

Why do people love Invicta Malaysia?

“Invicta” is a Latin word for “invincible”, which describes the kind of watches that the company manufactures for its customers. It is a brand led by innovation, design and developed with accuracy to maintain quality and the brand’s personality.

Fine watches at a reasonable price

One of the biggest reasons why people just can’t get enough of Invicta is its low-cost, high quality watches. This gives the average joe access to fine time pieces. For aspiring watch collectors, Invicta is a great way to start expanding their collections. As a matter of fact, many collectors start off collecting Invicta watches, then moving on to rarer and more expensive time pieces.

Using high-end materials and excellent technique

The next reason why people love Invicta is that it uses high quality materials to make its watches. Generally, found on limited-edition collections, the brand recieved commendation from collectors and retailers. Skeletonized movements, one of a kind gold layering technique, and remarkable construction are just some of the many ways expensive Invicta business watches are manufactured, making Invicta, one of the most technically-capable watchmakers around the world.

Changing the standards of watchmaking

Invicta has made a name for itself as an an exquisite, elegant and excellent brand for their clientele. Invicta is a watch collector’s dream come true with over 30 collections available, and with varying rarity and prices. The brand had also enjoyed celebrity endorsements, most notably from Jason Taylor, and had produced many limited edition time pieces from their collaborations.
With good reputation, tested by time, and quality products, you can never go wrong with Invicta Malaysia. Since 1837, the company had been manufacturing watches, providing economical options for many watch enthusiasts. In addition, their watches are made with finesse and quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction. Choose the best Invicta straps and watch available now!

Anatomy of an Invicta watch

High quality watches are not easy to make. It takes time, effort and dedication to create excellent time pieces. For many retailers and collectors, each part of a watch needs to be carefully examined to determine the quality of the product. To better understand its components, here is the basic anatomy of an Invicta watch:

  • Dial. A visible, metal base plate used to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Subdial. A small dial placed on the main dial to indicate information which cannot be shown on the main dial such as a chronograph.
  • Case. Contains all aspects of the watch and protects it from outside elements, and can come in many shapes such as round, oval, square or rectangular.
  • Straps. A strip of leather or rubber which holds the watch to the wrist; straps are non-metal while metal straps are called bracelets.
  • Lugs. Often referred to as horns, lugs are projections on a watch’s case to hold the straps to the case.
  • Hand. Three pieces of metal or plastic which indicates the hour, minute and second through constant, clockwise movement.
  • Crown. A winding button outside the watch case used to set the time and calendar of the watch. For mechanical watches, crowns can be used to wind the main spring.
  • Pusher. Commonly found in chronograph watches, pushers are buttons outside the case, designed to control specific functions within the watch.
  • Crystal. A transparent cover made of plastic, glass or fabricated sapphire which protects the watch and reduces sunlight glare.
  • Movement. The inner-workings of the watch that maintains the watch’s function.
  • Rotor. Connected to the movement, the rotor rotates to freely wind the main spring and stocks power for automatic watches.

With the absence of one or more parts, a watch cannot function as intended and would instantly lose its value. If you are looking for a decent, good-quality watch, then take a good look at its parts and see if they are functioning perfectly.