How Big is the Pokémon Go phenomenon in Malaysia?

On the 6th July 2016, Pokemon Go was released with many eager fans waiting to have a go at it (no pun intended). Since then, the app has garnered millions of users worldwide, surpassing the daily active Twitter users. As the app made its debut in Malaysia on 6th August, we made an analysis to visualize how big this phenomenon is to date. The analysis was done by comparing volume of online searches in relation to other recent major local and international topics which sparked Malaysian's interest.


Search Index



Search Index

Search index









Aug 2016 100


July 2016 67

The UEFA Euro Cup, held every four years, is another must-watch football tournament after the World Cup. Portugal was crowned champions, winning their first major trophy, after beating the host nation, France, in the finals.

Game Of Thrones

Jun 2016 5

Adapted from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song Of Fire And Ice”, this award-winning HBO series is not for the faint-hearted but that didn’t stop the series from gaining massive amounts of followers over the course of six seasons.


April 2015 37

GST, short for Goods and Services Tax, sparked interest with the implementation of a 6% tax. Many of the locals thought it was an April Fool’s Joke, as it was implemented on the 1st of April, but it was certainly not a joke.

Fast and

April 2015 23

While the franchise is usually famous for its insane car scenes and Vin Diesel manliness, it was the movie’s tribute to one of its leading actors, Paul Walker, who had lost his life in
a car accident in 2013, that sparked the highest interest.

Hati Perempuan

April 2015 21

A TV series adaptation of a book, written by Nur Ain Al-Abbas, about a cynical girl who receives a proposal from a secret admirer. It was released on the 30th of March 2015 with Mia Ahmad and Syarul Ridzwan as the show’s leads.

Flappy Bird

Fab 2014 7

Despite its release in 2013, Dong Nguyen’s brainchild only gained popularity in January 2014 before being removed a month later for being too addictive. As of January 2014, it was the most downloaded free game in the iOS app store.

Maharaja Lawak Mega

Jan 2015 20

This TV favourite, hosted by Dato’ AC Mizal, features comedians from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to perform skits onstage in front of a live audience. By the end of each season, the King of Comedy is crowned.


Aug 2016 66

Lee Chong Wei, a notable member of the Malaysian badminton team, had an impressive run in the Summer Olympics 2016. Though he had lost to Lin Dan at the finals, Chong Wei remains a national hero to Malaysians.


Oct 2011 53

The search interest for the iPhone peaked in October 2011 with the release of the iPhone 4s, the first in the iPhone series to sport an ‘s’. The passing of Steve Jobs in the same month also played a big part in the peak of interest.


Nov 2008 16

Barack Obama made American history by being the first African American U.S. president. His impressive campaign and election caught the attention of not only the American public but worldwide as well.

Source: Google Trends Malaysia