If you are looking for a backpack to carry and protect the gadgets you are so dearly depend on or maybe you need a bag that is big enough for a weekend getaway to the beach, INCASE has it. Be it to carry your GoPro gear or to stylishly protect your phone, INCASE has refined the evolution of bag design and function with its distinct style and colors. Check out their products below!

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'Incase' you need to know about the history of INCASE

Founded in the USA in 1997 and based in Southern California, Incase boasts high-end quality bags that protect your valuables. Their product range branches out to cover not only carry bags and luggage but also protection to mobile devices. The company made a big leap by introducing their power banks for those who are always on the move.

One of the co-founders of Incase, Tony Held, is an avid, world-class bag collector. Though, he prefers to call himself more of a bag user. He is known to have a deep appreciation for good design and equal respect for bag brands, designers, and craftsmanship. You can expect Incase products to be close to perfection knowing that the leader of a company absolutely loves bags just as much as you do!

Incase focuses on designing solutions that provide protection and mobility for the creative minds. Their product range qualifies as simple in design and beautiful in utility as to coincide with modern lifestyle and technology.

INCASE: The original Apple accessory

If you love to travel and look stylish wherever you go, Incase is here to provide you with the necessary products. Since INCASE produces backpacks and protectors for Apple’s seamlessly developing and changing range of tools and products, Apple fans can still truly show their products love while protecting them with the bags and protectors from INCASE. INCASE is the official original Apple accessories brand, carrying with it a heritage of innovative bag designs and accessories for the always-moving creatives.

INCASE is the in-thing

What sets INCASE apart from other brands is its design. Incase's designers are dedicated to exacting design protocols to control and guarantee that the evolution of their products are constantly in-line with the ever-evolving needs of creative professionals and individuals. One of their designers, Evan Hong, has a distinctive core set of principles that he applied to his designing processes. He shared a mantra in an interview that goes, “A better experience through good design”. You can carry on with your INCASE carry bags knowing that the best of the best had, have, and will have design products that are of quality and style suited to you.

INCASE Malaysia range of products

INCASE's range of products varies to every demanded usage and utility. They provide backpacks and camera bags with the extended collection of mobile devices and laptops. INCASE bags exude style and simplicity while providing much utility and durability that collectors, or to quote Tony Held, ‘bag users’, will be loyal to for years to come.

How people are rating INCASE

In terms of general consumer rating, INCASE products rank an average of 4/5 stars on Amazon and continuously receive positive reviews in concerns of the durability of the products and the promised look and feel. Another average of 4/5 stars worth of rating comes from the glassdoor website, where customers are generally satisfied with the products of the choosing.

Award-winning products

INCASE has won multiple awards from Reader’s Choice Carryology Award, some of them being Best Work Backpack for their INCASE ICON, Best Accessory for their INCASE ICON Sleeve, and Best Specialist for their INCASE Pro Pack.

SYNDCT Ambassador Program

The SYNDCT Ambassador Program was formed by the Director of Marketing, Braden Dahl in 14 August 2014 in due to face the demands of mobility, technological dependence, and excellence in their disciplines. The SYNDCT program boasts elite athletes, professionals, creatives, and cultural advocates of whom INCASE's protective products work best on. Professional skateboarders Paul Rodriguez and Sean Malto, pro surfers Kelly Slater and Craig Anderson, and BMX pro Nigel Sylvester. Damon Way, along with former DC Shoes co-founding partner Ken Block joins the roster.

Toe-to-toe rivals

The closest rivals for the sleek and simple designs of INCASE products are those coming from OtterBox and Case Logic—both also coming from the USA. What sets Otterbox as a rival is that their cases are waterproof and what makes Case Logic a rival is that they started earlier and they have branched all over the world.

INCASE's latest updates

Recently, INCASE released their newest bag collection, “The Line Break: INCASE 2015 Bag Collection”. The line-up of products features compatibility and utility to action cameras, this includes GoPros and DSLRs. This new line-up is also released in relation to INCASE's SYNDCT Program.

What we are saying

INCASE promotes design simplicity and beautiful utility. If you prefer your bags simple and long-lasting with tons of utilities, then INCASE is the brand for you.

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