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In2it – Makeup for ultimate beauty

Makeup and cosmetics is one thing that many women everywhere all around the world can never live without. To be beautiful on the outside is undeniably one of the most desired things of these ladies. Even though you might not be a make-up junkie who contours and highlights, even your mere eye-liner makes you one with the make-up world. Though some of these cosmetics may vary is choices and prices, there are a plethora of brands that promises the one thing – to make women perfectly beautiful. Here, among one of that top brands that promises ultimate gorgeousness is In2it.

In2it – Enjoy colourful life

In2it is a cosmetic mogul that is owned by Asia Pacific Cosmetics Corporation (apcc), Hong Kong. Armed with over 15 years of experience, this brand is known worldwide for their cosmetics formulations of high quality but with a price that does not leave a hole in your wallet too. Quality + affordable, a total win-win situation.

With their mission to allow women everywhere to enjoy their colourful life, In2it products are developed for ASEAN, and especially formulated for the Asian skin. Their ingredients and technology that is derived from Japan and Europe are manufactured to international safety standards and are registered and approved by the relevant Government Health Departments.

Their range of cosmetics are for women of all ages and from all walks of life. Sophisticated, liberated and conservative woman alike. They have different colours of lipstick, different palettes of blushers, bronzers, foundations, waterproof eyebrow kits and eyeliners, oil-free face powder, mascaras and lip tints. Everything from this brand are formulated from high-quality minerals so you can make sure that all of these can benefit your skin. No matter what makeup item you're looking for or whatever cosmetic item is on your list, In2it has got you covered.

In2it – The women that you become

In2it girl is young, down-to-earth, frank and independent. She is an experimentor and uses all types of cosmetics. She usesmore make-up than the average girl and is often up to date with developments in the category. She is more adventurous than her colleagues when it comes to experimenting with new brands.In2it girl is not always influenced by brand imagery and believes that lower priced cosmetics are likely to be just as good as higher priced cosmetics. She loves to try many items and has a limited budget. She will try any brand so long as the colours are suitable for her and the prices are within her budget.She is adventurous and explores and experiments with the colourful and amazing world of cosmetics. She is glamorous but she makes sure that she gets value for money, making her smart, wise and beautiful!

In2it – Products of a whole new level

When it comes to creating cosmetics for the Asian beauties, no one can do it better that In2it. Dive into the world of cosmetics and colours with these amazing products from In2it.

Lip Treat Lite Lip Balm
This is a sheer lip balm with a variety of moisturisers that leave your lips looking glossy and healthy. A combination of DPHP, aloe vera, vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, this balm helps in avoiding dry, or cracked lips. Nano sphere beads with nourishing extracts of soybean and licorice are released into the lip during wear. It is even tested to a sun protection level of SPF 20 against UVB rays and PA++ against UVA rays. Available in four shades and four fragrances.
2 Way Powder, Eyebrow Pencil
This two way beauty is a new soft, and smooth, eyebrow pencil with a natural finish, and with high coverage.The powder formula is unique, and can be used two ways. It can be applied dry like a normal pencil, for a natural matte look, or it can be applied moist, for a bolder matte look. The soft powder formula is easy to apply, easy to sharpen and easy to remove. The pencil is waterproof, super long wearing, and will last all day. It is suitable for all skin types, and oil free.
UV Shine Control Sheer Face Powder
This UV Shine Control uses superior ‘So Soft’face powder, sheer, and soft to the skin, with sun protection, and oil control. The UVB sun protection is to SPF15, and UVA protection to PA++.UV Shine Control comes with a mirror compact, washable applicator sponge, and a choice of four shades. It can be used alone to prevent facial shine, or can be used on top of make-up, for a lasting finish.
BB Brightening 2 Way Foundation SPF25, PA++
This two way foundation with sheer+cover helps your facial complexion look brighter and whiter withBio Brightcomplex, a blend of natural ingredients including artichoke extract, grape extract, mulberry extract, saxifrega sarmentosa and mica.The foundation is waterproof, oil resistant and has extra-long wearing effects with silica for oil and shine control. It is tested to a sun protection level of SPF25 against UVB rays and PA++ against UVA rays. This foundation contains 69% natural ingredients, no fragrance and oil free and also features vitamin E and kernel butter for extra moisture. It comes with mirror compact and washable applicator sponge.
Lash Define Mascara Volume & Curl
Thicken and curl your lashes with ‘Lash Define’, very black, super long wearing mascara. Say goodbye to smudging, or ‘panda eyes’. The waterproof mascara builds volume using the 3D polymer lash coating technology that sets the lashes to a curl that lasts all day. ‘Lash define’ is easy to apply and quick to dry, and must be removed with mascara remover. The curved applicator brush is designed for Asian eyes to separate, thickenand curl the lashes.

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