If you are planning for a party at the beach or a camp out with your friends and family, don’t forget to bring the Igloo cooler! Igloo has been one of the best names in storage coolers since 1947. Their innovative and compact products make an ideal addition to any outdoor party or getaway! Stay cool with the best Igloo coolers in Malaysia below or read more about the brand.

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Make the Most Out of your Adventures with Igloo Malaysia

As seen in many lifestyle magazines online or on paper, Igloo is one of the best and most trusted brands in storage coolers since 1947. Their extensive array of products range from coolers, cooler bags, water jugs, and accessories that make your adventures more memorable. Igloo is also great for outdoor parties and gatherings to keep your beverages and barbecues fresh. So, if you want to enjoy the great outdoors, take Igloo with you wherever you go!

The Igloo Story

From a metalworking shop to becoming the most well-recognized brand in coolers, Igloo first started out in 1947. The company started out delivering clean water by creating metal water coolers and storage to construction and work sites in Texas. It wasn’t until in 1962 when they created their first plastic ice chest, becoming a staple in every American home and workplace. For every three homes in the United states, one owns an Igloo cooler, and for good reason! The brand creates innovative designs, easy-to-carry coolers with big storage capacities for any occasion. Today, Igloo creates more than 500 different products, employs 1200 individuals within a 1.8 million square-foot, three-building facility in Texas. Whether for personal or industrial use, Igloo coolers would certainly exceed your expectations.

The Pursuit of Happiness with Igloo Malaysia

Whether you are out partying with your friends, chilling out at a barbecue or a campsite, or travelling, Igloo brings you closer to happiness with each of their products. Make your outdoor parties more memorable with an Igloo chest cooler to store your beverages and food for a weekend getaway. Store water or your favorite drinks inside specialized Igloo water jugs that anticipate your every need to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Make lasting moments, and warm smiles with Igloo’s exciting array of products!

Igloo Products by Activity

Igloo has been a trusted brand for almost 70 years. Tasked with keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh, Igloo takes your parties and getaways to the next level. Make Igloo Malaysia a part of your home and the great outdoors. Take a peek at amazing Igloo products for your friends and family!


Whether it’s camping out by the lake, by the beach, or simply hanging out at your own backyard, keep your food and drinks fresh with Igloo chest coolers varying from different sizes, storage capacity and designs. You can bring ice, fresh meat, water and other beverages on your recreational activities with Igloo!

Entertainment and Catering

For bigger events and parties, you would need an even bigger cooler to store all your perishables. You can choose between three big Igloo coolers such as the PARTY BAR™ LIDDUP®, PARTY BAR™, and PARTY BUCKET™ to make the good times last longer.

Sports and Fitness

Love to jog, hit the gym, or play ball? Keep yourself fresh and hydrated with Igloo’s exciting array of products for your sports and fitness needs. From large water dispensers for the team to solo jugs, containers, and bags, Igloo will always be a great choice for athletes and active individuals.

Marine and Outdoors

Whether you’re relaxing at a beach, sailing the seas, or simply going on a weekend trip within the road less travelled, Igloo has your back when it comes to keeping your food and drinks fresh. Bags, and specialized chest coolers are available in different sizes and easy-to-carry designs for the best outdoor getaway of your life!


Make Igloo a part of your everyday life with their exciting products for lunch! Whether you are at school or in the office, pack your lunch safely inside your bag or bring them on a separate, specially-designed Igloo bag. Compact, easy to clean and carry, your lunch will always remain safe and secure throughout the day.

Shop for the Best Igloo Products in Malaysia!

With its long history, Igloo Malaysia has been a trusted brand for almost 70 years. Creating the most innovative chest coolers, water jugs, dispensers, and storage, Igloo takes your adventures to the next level. Everytime you plan for an escapade on the beach, the lake, or on your own backyard, take Igloo with you wherever you go! Shop for the best Igloo products online such as Igloo freezers, and coolers! Shop at iPrice now!