Ever heard of the saying, "As cool as ice"? That's exactly what the Ice-Watch is. Incredibly cool! Ice-Watch is not just something you wear to tell the time, it's more than that. With a playful array of colours, from rainbow tones to more monotone and darker shades, there's bound to be something to suit your personality and style. Read more about Ice-Watch in Malaysia here below to find out.


Top Ice-Watch Designs that Express Your Personality with Style

Expressing creativity and diversity, Ice-Watch is the go-to brand when it comes to getting watch designs that celebrate your personality. Meant to be unisex, Ice-Watch watches are designed for both men and women. These watches are durable and affordable as well. Since there are tons of Ice-Watch designs, it can be overwhelming to decidethe ideal timepiece for your needs. Herearethe top Ice-Watch Designs that can express your personality with style.

Ice-WatchIce Dune Black Big

This masculine, black, watch with a soft silicone strap is the ideal accessory for true lovers of both sporty and chic watches. Thanks to the combination of its chronometer and white details, this Ice Dune design looks elegant and casual at the same time. It is also popular as one of the top Ice-Watch designs that exude sophisticated vibes effortlessly. Most wearers enjoy itsunassuming design because you can be seen as stylish and chic without trying too hard.

The gorgeous design of the Ice-Watch Ice Dune Black Big watch will adapt to suit both your trekking activities and evenings out. You should not waste another second and start wearing this charming Ice-Watch design. If the black colour does not suit you, there are other colours available such as white, blue, red, white and turquoise combination, and orange. These attractive colour choices exhibit the same charm as the black one.

Ice-Watch Ice Sixty Nine

Inspired by the flagship model, "ICE Forever", the uniqueIce-Watch IceSixty Ninewatch design combines modern art and graphic style into its wonderfully craftedbody. It is the perfect accessory for those that prefer colourful and stylish watch designs. Well-suited for casual and dressywear,Ice-Watch IceSixty Ninewill jazz up your wrist. This spectacular Ice-Watch design also goes well with any of your everyday wear.

It is also water-resistant so that it does not get damaged easily due to unforeseen water spills. Available in 11 beautiful colours,Ice-Watch IceSixty Nineboasts colour, style, and comfort that make it a wonderful watch design.From neon orange to burgundycolour,Ice-Watch IceSixty Ninecontains different choices that can satisfy every taste and style.Asidefrom its attractive design, you can get it without breaking the bank. As one of the most popular Ice-Watch designs, it offers the best bang for buck.

Ice-Watch Duo

The chic Ice-Watch Duo watch collection is highly sought-after for one good reason: dynamic duo colours! Featuring one subtle colour and one flashy colour, Ice-Watch Duo watch is a fantastic design.This duo colour combination teasesyour mind playfully. Despite clashing colours in the design, they attract you because each colour complements the other well. With both mysterious and bold elements, Ice-Watch Duo watch has its own unique characteryounever expect from a watch.Ice-Watch Duofits perfectly with your plain or multi-coloured outfits.

When it comes to channelling your trendy vibe, Ice-Watch Duo does not disappoint because the collection has up to 15 different colour combinations. Some of the popular choices are black/orange, grey/yellow, blue/white, grey/pink, and pink/red. Available in small or medium size, Ice-Watch Duo watch can be tiny, but it leaves a striking impression.

Ice-Watch Lo

Lo and behold (pun intended), Ice-Watch Lo brings you the elegance of glitter and sophisticated comfort. The new Ice-Watch Lo design is a bright and colourful silicone watch with a glittery, graduated dial.No matter what you wear, Ice-Watch Lois going to make you sparkle and become thecentreof attention. Thanks to its attractive dial, it will be the first thing people notice when they are looking at you.

In terms of selection, all Ice-Watch Lo designs feature an all-white body with four different colour details (gold, silver, rose-gold,andturquoise/silver). Each colour detail can fade from one colour to another. This is another reason why Ice-Watch Lo is an eye-catching timepiece that draws peoples' attention effortlessly.

Ice-Watch Aqua

Designed with a nautical theme, Ice-Watch Aqua watch comes with its blue colour, a signature colour of both voyagers and seafarers alike. Cool and calming, the combination of white hands, white hour markers, and blue body is certainly gorgeous. The smooth, well-polished Ice-Watch Aqua watch design champions the concept of minimal elegance. Unsurprisingly, it can easily match well with any outfit. If you prefer a minimalist watch for your monochrome fashion style, Ice-Watch Aqua is the right watch.

In terms of colour selection, there are six shades of blue for those who enjoy large stretches of water. From coral blue to navy blue, Ice-Watch Aqua watch collection has the right kind of blue that reflects your personality.Theentire collection of Ice-Watch Aqua watches is the new wave that brings the simplicity of design. Simple and stylish are the perfect words to describe Ice-Watch Aqua.