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iBaby MyBaby Polo Electronic Baby Cradle Automatic Baby Cradle 1 YearWarranty Free One Baby Spring Cot Mosquito Net BEST SELLER!
RM 169.00 RM 299.00
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iBaby Ibaby Popo Electronic Baby Cradle with Light and Timer + BabySpring Cot Mosquito Net BEST SELLER!
RM 189.00 RM 299.00
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iBaby Infant to Toddler Rocker
RM 139.00 RM 199.00

Highlights Use from infant to toddler - up to 40 lbs (18 kg) Fold-out kickstand & reclining seat for feeding or napping Bat-at toys & musical toys stimulate baby’s senses Deep cradle seat with calming vibrations Toybar can be easily removed for toddlers to sit & play Removable, machine washable pad A seat for play, a seat for feeding, a seat for rest—and it grows with baby! Description What Is the BabyTime iBaby Infant-to-Toddler Rocker? The BabyTime iBaby Infant-to-Toddler Rocker sweet print is just right for growing babies. It’s a reclining infant seat with a fold-out kickstand that makes it great for feeding. Adjust the seat upright so baby’s movements create a rocking motion, while stimulating toys and music are there for baby to enjoy. For naptime, you can remove the toy bar and switch on calming vibrations. And as your child grows, this product becomes a toddler rocking chair for children up to 40 lbs. (18kg). The seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe. And as your child grows, it becomes a toddler rocking chair. The Rocker Grows With Baby! With easy conversion from a stationary seat to a toddler rocker, the Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is perfect for growing babies! The rocker features a removable machine washable pad, a secure, three-point restraint, a lightweight toybar and more. The Infant-to-Toddler Rocker features bat-at toys and a musical toys to stimulate baby’s senses and curiosity. The deep cradle seat features calming vibrations to comfort and sooth younger babies, providing a sense of security and happiness. The Fun Never Ends! The toy bar features fun, spinning toys (a toy with pull-down musical heart, and two colorful flip paddle flowers) and easily removes for toddlers to sit and play. The fold-out kickstand and reclining seat make it ideal for feeding or napping. Note:1 battery is required (not included).

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