Choosing the right backpack makes the journey outdoors a lot more convenient and comfortable. Hypergear Malaysia has a great selection of outdoor backpacks to choose from, whether it's for hiking or active sports.

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5 Tips on How to Buy the Right Backpack from Hypergear Malaysia

Choosing the right outdoor bag can be a tough task because they come in various sizes, forms, and colors. So how to figure out which Hypergear outdoor backpack best suits your needs? Here are some tips to help you determine which bag to consider when you want to buy one.

Step 1: Determine the Backpack’s Purpose

First off, you should know where you are going to use the bag for. Hypergear backpacks come in various designs and are specialized in certain aspects. There are backpacks for water sports, hiking backpacks, fishing backpacks, and etc. These bags all have their own unique features intended for certain situations. For instance, if you are looking for an outdoor backpack for a day trip, you don’t have to use one that can hold a tent or a sleeping bag. Also, you probably don’t need one that has a lot of storage space, thus a smaller bag would be a practical choice. On the other hand, if you’re planning to go on a hiking adventure for a couple of days, you will have to look for one that has a space to hold all the necessary gears. If you go on an excursion in colder months, then a larger backpack might be required to keep bigger gear and clothing. It’s common for males to have a more substantial bag compared to ladies. If you are carrying “group” gear or perhaps a child’s belongings, then a bulkier bag will be necessary. Also, if you go rafting or kayaking, it’s best to pick Hypergear dry bags which are impervious to water. With all these things in mind, you are one step beyond the process of choosing the right backpack.

Step 2: Decide How Many Times You Will Use the Backpack

If you are just going to use a backpack once, say a major trekking expedition, it’s wise to look for a cheaper one. If it is several times or more, it’s best to buy a high-quality backpack. Speaking of high quality, Hypergear Malaysia backpacks are a perfect example. Not only are their materials high quality, but they’re also very durable

Step 3: Go for a Backpack That Fits Your Body

It is highly important that you choose a backpack that fits you well. Being on an outdoor expedition demands for endurance. If your bag isn’t the correct size or adjusted to your body, you’ll surely experience discomfort and might even strain or injure your shoulder. To help ease discomfort, Hypergear backpacks have straps that can be adjusted to your body length. Not to mention, they have waistbands that will help ease the weight and let you carry the bag without any problems. A well-adjusted backpack is one important thing to have in order to save you from a lot of trouble such as back pain. So, be sure to adjust that waistband snugly around your hips as well as your shoulder straps. Keep in mind that regardless of which features you like the most about various backpacks, the most important thing is the way it fits your body. Having great features on the bag won’t matter much if it is uncomfortable and can greatly limit your range of movement.

Step 4: Choose a Backpack with Many Compartments

Go for backpacks with a number of different compartments. When planning for a longer hiking excursion, you may want your mobile GPS or your smartphone to have a compartment that’s easily accessible. Backpacks that have accessible storage compartments with zippers on top and bottom are perfect when you need an item that is stored at the bottom. This is because you won’t need to empty the entire backpack to get the item, just simply unzip the bottom zippers. Also, when hiking in a harsh, hot environment, you may opt for a backpack that has a small hydration tank. This small water container allows you to drink through an attached water tube without having to use your hands or holding a water bottle. Such feature is beneficial for mountain biking or other outdoor activities because they provide convenience to the users.

Step 5: Take Your Time

There’s no harm in taking your time when buying an outdoor backpack. Keep in mind that a high-quality and durable backpack will last a long time and will save you money in the long run. Aside from that, it will be your closest buddy on your outdoor expedition, so you might as well have one that could keep up with you for a long time. Enjoy searching for the right backpack! Good luck and have an awesome adventure outdoors.