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HYPE Malaysia - The Real Trendsetter

In Streetwear Culture Brace yourself for one of the dopest yet refreshing streetwear of all time: HYPE Malaysia. Despite being in the business for just a few years, HYPE has taken the world of streetwear by storm and it essentially redefines what it means to don a truly trendy and modish design that accurately represents you as an aspiring and ambitious individual, ready to take over the world. In the oversaturated market filled with myriad of brand choices, it is always a tough decision to break away from the established norms as HYPE has faced. Against all odds and much to the surprise of its critics and rivals, HYPE is really an outstanding streetwear culture that sets itself apart from other brands through its unpretentious and vibrant style.

Harness Your Potential With HYPE Malaysia

Generally, people often scoff at those that wear streetwear designs because street fashion has been criticised as being unoriginal, uninspiring and trying too hard to impress since it is just a casual and simple fashion. Not only that, they are also being stereotyped as being part of low income group that contributes nothing to the society. Eventually, the popularity of HYPE is truly phenomenal that all of these earlier views begin to fade away. As one of the streetwear brands that stands apart than the rest, HYPE is unapologetically strives to be different in setting the record straight when it comes to eliminating the negative views regarding streetwear. Proven by its huge following around the world, HYPE shows that its designs to be deserving of praise and admiration because HYPE transforms the casual and comfortable streetwear into conscious-centred champions. Showcasing its colorful, eclectic style, HYPE is all about embracing a simple lifestyle of expression as opposed to just wearing a streetwear fashion.

Behind The HYPE

In the beginning, HYPE was nothing more than just a hobby set up by two friends who were bored during summer holiday. Having low expectations, Liam Green and Aidy Lennox only spent £400 as an investment to start the business of selling T-shirts. Little did they know, it was the starting of something bigger when they actually sold out their designs within few hours. An inspiring tale of young entrepreneurship, Liam Green was only 17 year old and was preparing to join the university when he founded the HYPE clothing line with his friend, Aidy Lennox. Having learnt that he has the knack of creating and designing creatively, Liam and Aidy led HYPE into a widely supported brand that has its presence in major retailers like Foot Asylum, Topshop, ASOS and others in just two years only. Not only that, HYPE emerged as an incredible powerhouse in trendy streetwear that left its marks on places like US, Europe and China.

Your Urban Lifestyle Set In Motion With HYPE Malaysia

As a form of expression through print, HYPE is truly setting the benchmark of trendy style through its bold prints, extravagant patterns and eye-catching designs. Not only that, HYPE is recognised as one of the few independent fashion labels that can quickly catch and retain the attention of fashion fanatics. Well liked by those that want a refreshed and trendy streetwear, HYPE amasses huge followers from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well as being an Instagram darling. Simply said, HYPE is really punchy and crazy with many fashion lovers.

  • Independently In : In a oversaturated market, few independent brands can make it that far to become successful as the crowd will be always spoilt for choices. As one of the successful brands that has achieved and secured the hearts of many fans, HYPE is clearly a force to be reckoned with as it is fueled by passion and drive for splendid achievements. When a particular brand breaks away from the mainstream crowd, people can see that there is something different and unique with that brand as it seeks to be as seen as different and totally unique. Sticking with its reputation and preference for wacky and vibrant prints, Hype is one of such brands that can channel your difference as an unique individual and your indifference to the established ordinary norms. Wear one and you will stand out from the rest.
  • Hardcore Designs : Originated with the metal scenes, HYPE has a long standing reputation for being associated with some of the UK's premier metal bands and events. In fact, Hype partnered with a metal band, "A World Defined" in releasing a T-shirt in conjunction with the band's new single, "CancerVive" in November 2012. In 2013, HYPE was the second stage sponsor for Ghostfest, the premier indoor metal and hardcore festival in UK.

Popular HYPE Malaysia Collection

Although remains unchanged in its core as a small, humble yet ambitious label from London, HYPE boasts incredible artistic endeavor that revolves around creativity, emotion and individualism. After all, HYPE celebrates those that dare to be different than the rest, especially those bold, aspiring champions of tomorrow. Like its namesake, HYPE is really as hyped up to be as it can be said as one of its kind streetwear that offers distinctive, daring designs.

Offering sweatshirts, baseball caps, beanies, coats, graphic tees, vests, backpacks, hoodies, coats, accessories, keychains, phone covers and more, HYPE presents its products that feature award-winning designs which further transform the meaning of modern, contemporary fashion and art. In fact, each design really speaks and stands out among the rest of other rivals as if it is an individual himself/herself. Figuratively, it is a beast yearning for recognition despite being held in captivity in the walls of established norms. Hence, wearing HYPE designs will unleash those beasts out from their cages as they are declarations of freedom, expression and individualism. Bear in mind that HYPE is not just in the business of streetwear as it is very active in its passion to share victorious, audacious lifestyle. It is the time to discover your personality and embrace it by wearing the boldly fashionable HYPE streetwear.

Enter The World Of HYPE Malaysia

Featuring the modern designs that are infused with vintage details, HYPE Malaysia is the fashionable streetwear that is bold and vibrant, perfect for those that aspire for something different and unique to show their personalities in a bleak world. Have a look at the latest collections of HYPE shirts as you are entering the world of HYPE and be a part of a bold and courageous community that is poised to conquer the world.