Take your adventure to the next level with Hurley Malaysia! One of the best outdoor and lifestyle brand featuring their excellent array of apparel, shoes, and accessories, Hurley gives you the ultimate fun under the sun! Scroll down below for the hottest Hurley items online or click here to know more about the brand.

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Have Fun Under the Sun with Hurley Malaysia

If you love an exhilirating adventure then Hurley Malaysia is a brand you can trust. One of the biggest sports, outdoor, and lifestyle brand, Hurley delivers excellent quality items such as apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories. Whether you love to cruise the street, surf the waves, hit the gym or simply stay active, Hurley has the finest goods for you. While Hurley is mostly well-known for their swimwear, boardshorts, and bags, the brand also has a great line of apparel such as tees, tanks, shirts, pants, shorts, and even shoes.

Hurley Malaysia - the beginning

For many surfers and skateboarders, Hurley has been a part of the scene since 1978. Established by surfboard shaper Bob Hurley in Costa Mesa, California, the brand started out catering to the local surf scene. Hurley acquired licensing from Billabong USA but in 1998, he severed ties from the brand and established Hurley International, providing clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories to men, women, and children. The brand focuses on material and design that would suit the taste of everybody with an active lifestyle.

Products from Hurley Malaysia

For almost 40 years, the brand has been providing excellent quality items, not only for board sports but also for other disciplines such as running, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball, general fitness and so much more! Durable, lightweight and stylish, anyone would definitely love Hurley’s exciting products. If you are living an active lifestyle, then Hurley is the perfect brand for you.

About Nike

Taking you to the next level of fitness and lifestyle is Nike’s extensive array of products that would help you keep in shape and in style. Established by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964 as a footwear company, the brand has seen nothing but growth throughout the years. Nike’s presence is felt in all major sports from running, football, tennis, extreme sports, board sports, and so much more! Not only is the brand a major driving force in sports but also in fashion, producing some of the most iconic footwear and apparel that fully embody street style.

Exhilirating Sports and other activities with Hurley

Hurley Malaysia is all about being active, from the water to the streets, ball or board sports. The brand continues to stay relevant in the sports scene from sponsoring events and athletes to collaborating with them to provide excellent quality items. If you love to have fun under the sun, choose Hurley.


Established at the heart of surfing in the United States, Hurley is a major driving force in the local and international surf scene. Being the choice of apparel for professional surfers such as Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Michel Bourez, and Alejo Munez, Hurley takes you closer to the waves with their excellent line of swimwear for both men and women from bikinis, swimsuits, boardshorts to different types of wetsuits. A sport that requires flexibility, and balance, Hurley provides just that with their exciting surf collections.


Surf and skateboarding go hand in hand; when the surf season is over, it’s time to cruise the streets with the latest Hurley apparel. Since Nike’s acquisition in 2002, Hurley has also been part of the skate scene. The brand is mostlyis well-known for their apparel because of its lightweight and stretchable fabric. A choice of clothing for legendary vert skater and x-games legend Bob Burnquist, Hurley sealed its name in the skateboarding scene as one of the best apparel a skateboarder could get.

Fitness and lifestyle

With more and more people hitting the gym everyday, Hurley has created their own line of fitness and lifestyle products through Nike. Gym shorts, tights, track suits, and tank tops for men and women are all available from Hurley. Whether you hit the gym or simply looking for a cool casual wear, Hurley has all the apparel you need that would fit your active lifestyle.

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Hurley is a brand that caters to your adventurous spirit. Born with the wind and waves in California, the brand is dedicated to many board sports such as surfing and skateboarding, however their partnership with Nike enabled them to spread to other disciplines such as baseball, tennis, soccer, football, golf, and so much more! Catering to your adventurous spirit, take your Hurley item with you wherever you go! Click here to view our selection of Hurley items online!