The days are getting hot and it's way too expensive to use an air conditioner throughout the day. Instead of resorting to suffering through the sweltering weather, why not give Hunter’s fans a try? To learn how you can benefit from using a Hunter fan, click here.

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Hunter Malaysia: For Your Needs

Hunter Malaysia: The Birth of The Ceiling Fan

Birthed through the ideas of a father-and-son team, Hunter’s founders, John and James C. Hunter, invented the ceiling fan back in 1886. The world’s first ceiling fan was powered by water and belt driven motors, an invention that was well ahead of its time. Since then, the Memphis-based company has been constantly improving the designs and functions of their products, building a name for themselves as the world’s oldest and largest fan manufacturers.

Since then, the company has gone on to produce other products (namely air purifiers, humidifiers, portable fans, thermostats, and heaters) that are guaranteed to improve your home environment. Each product has been carefully designed and thoroughly tested to ensure that your quality of life is maintained and improved.

Hunter Malaysia: High Quality Craftsmanship

“The fan is the jewel of the ceiling.”
- Ben, Hunter designer -

Every Hunter fan is designed with care and the thought that a Hunter ceiling fan would make the room more comfortable as well as add some class to the room. The brand prides itself in its meticulous attention to detail, from ensuring that each of the blades are the correct weight (for wobble-free performance) to ensuring that each blade is painted and decorated to meet the standards that they have set. Every new and innovative idea is put through test after test to ensure that the design lives up to that level of expectations.

In addition to that, each Hunter fan is specially crafted to suit the size and purpose of a room as well as the needs of the user. With that in mind, the brand categorized its fans as below:

  • Five Minute Fans (pre-assembled fans for people who are all thumbs with it comes to assembling products of any kind)
  • Ceiling Fans with Lights
  • Ceiling Fans without Lights
  • Ceiling Fans with Remotes
  • Low-Profile Ceiling Fans
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Not only that, even the simplest of the fans have a decorative style that they can function as the centerpiece of any room, something not many other fan companies actually offer. Are you looking for something casual? Or maybe something contemporary to go with the modern look of your living room? Or how about something traditional to match the elegance of your dining room? From fan blades to lights and metal embellishments, it doesn’t matter what look you are going for as Hunter will always have a little something to offer.

Hunter: Getting Your Money’s Worth

From the very beginning, each Hunter fan was created to be energy efficient. Does this mean that each fan uses a low wattage motor? Not at all as Hunter’s Research and Development lab have discovered that there is so much more to saving energy than just using a low wattage motor. It is about how much air the fan moves, angle of the blades and so much more. The Hunter fans are designed to keep you nice and cool while using less energy required as compared to fans from any other brand.

Furthermore, the fans were designed to not only keep one cool during the hot summer days. But to also function as a heater when required. In order to activate this useful function, one only needs to ensure that the blades go in reverse (a setting that is easily accessible). How cool is that?

Hunter: Innovation At Its Best

Constant new upgrades to its designs are what drives this company to be a constant presence in today’s market. The Research and Development lab at the company are always on the lookout for better ways to improve the performances of the fans that will keep the market happy and always coming back for more.

One such example would be the two HomeKit-enabled ceiling fans that Hunter unveiled in the early part of 2016. These fans are Wi-Fi enabled fans, that will feel right at home in this constantly-connected generation. The fans can be controlled using Siri voice commands on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod (yes, they are only Apple-friendly). These fans are the first among their kind to made into a smart product that uses Apple’s HomeKit technology. Just download an app to one of your Apple gadgets and you can turn on/off the fan, adjust the speed of the fan, or even dim the lights! The possibilities are endless!

Hunter Malaysia: The Best Choice For Your House and You

Need another reason before you would consider buying one of these Hunter fans? How about the fact that the Hunter fans were awarded the Energy Star label?

The label is a joint program between the US Department of Energy and the EPA that had been going on since 1992. The program was designed to promote products that help people save money as well as reduce the environmental impact of the products when used. Tried and test, the motors used by the Hunter fans were found to have fulfilled and exceeded the requirements set by the Energy Star label.

So why are you still hesitating? Get one of these incredibly beautiful, highly functional Hunter fans now at an affordable price on iprice! Don’t let this opportunity blow pass you.