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  • Human Nature Skin Care Malaysia: Made of nature to create better products
  • Even more reasons to love Human Nature Skin Care products

Human Nature Skin Care Malaysia: Made of nature to create better products

Did you know that our skin is made from organic substances that will respond best to natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones? Don’t believe it, try putting real cucumber slices on one side of your face and apply cucumber mask sheet on the other side. Rest for 20 mins and wash off all residue on face. Touch and feel your face, although both sides are smooth, the side with the cucumber slices will have that extra fresh feeling. That is why natural products are the best for your skin.

However, it is a hassle and time consuming effort to obtain and process (cutting cucumbers into slices in this case) natural ingredients. So, Human Nature is here to help you process nature into all natural products. Human Nature product ingredients originates from renewable resources found in nature and are processed without harm to the environment. Human Nature is also the first cosmetics and personal care company to be awarded the distinction of being truly cruelty-free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world. Human Nature is also the first and only Filipino company to have signed PETA’s statement of assurance against animal testing.

Even more reasons to love Human Nature Skin Care products

With a wide range of products like Hand Care, Hair Care, Make-up and Soap, Human Nature makes its products cruelty-free.

Here’s why we love Human Nature Skin Care:

  • no testing on animals
  • lists all ingredients on its labels
  • do not use carmine in its lipsticks. (Carmine is a common cosmetic ingredient made from crushed bodies of the female cochineal insects that are used for vivid red and bright pink colours)
  • fully utilize local ingredients found in Malaysia, always seeking ways to localise production from ingredients to production
  • employs local people for all its operations to sustain and support the economic growth of the Malaysia
  • all products are safe, pure, and biodegradable, made from renewable sources and are processed in a way that's kind to the environment

Safe and all-natural, Human Nature Skin Care products will help your skin feel and experience what nature has to offer. If you are looking for other natural and environment friendly skin care brands, try Skinfood Skin Care, Korres Skin Care and Jurlique Skin Care offered at iprice Malaysia. Your skin needs the best so get the best for it!